Summertime, and the living is easy. Melons are easy too! Here are 12 unique melon recipes that would make great additions to any picnic table.

Before you head to the kitchen, you have to head to the grocery store to get your melons. How do you pick the sweetest, juiciest melons? I use the “smell test.” I sniff the area where the vine was attached. You should be able to get a whiff of the fruit. And it should be a little soft right there, too. This works great for cantaloupes, honeydew, and especially pineapple. (I know, pineaplle isn’t a melon. However, they go great with melons. If you want more info picking pineapples and cutting them up, check out a great Bright Ideas blog post called Pretty Pineapple Platter.)

Now you can print anything you want on any size or shape tablecloth.

Start your guests off with a nice, refreshing drink . Check out The Happier Homemaker’s recipe for Agua Fresca. Combine the fresh ingredients in a blender for a delicious, slushy beverage.

How about a Melon Sangria? Laylita’s recipe combines sweet, white wine and a mix of different melons. I’m definitely serving this drink at my next card party!

I think I’ll make the melon balls into melon ball ice cubes first. Once again, Laylita’s Recipes to the rescue. These Melon Ball Ice Cubes would add flavor to all kinds of cold drinks.

Of course, you wouldn’t have to put the melon ball ice cubes in a drink. Put them on wooden skewers and turn them into Frozen Melon Kabobs. Spark Recipes will show you how.

Want to serve your melon drink in a very unique way? Check out this Drunken Watermelon on Tap from the Evite blog. They show you how to attach a faucet to a watermelon with an excellent tutorial.

Now that my thirst is quenched, I’m ready for the first course – salad. Here’s a beautiful Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad from Wit And Whistle. Wouldn’t this look good on your Fourth of July picnic table?

Here’s a dish that’s sure to impress your friends. The Novice Chef shows you how to make this incredible Feta Watermelon Salad. The recipe calls for a biscuit-size cookie cutter, but you could cut the watermelon smaller if you wanted finger food.

This Mint & Melon Salad from Style Me Pretty couldn’t be simpler. I can hardly wait to get out my melon baller!

Do you like gazpacho? It’s one of those either-you-hate-it-or-you-love-it meals. I happen to love cold tomato soup. My friend Elli makes a wonderful, traditional gazpacho with tomatoes, but I can’t wit to try this Cantaloupe Gazpacho With Crispy Prosciutto from Serious Eats.

Cookpad is a Japanese blog and although your web browser can probably translate the instructions to English for you, the pictures are easy enough to follow without the text. This Gluttonous Melon Frog Dessert is absolutely adorable.

The Reluctant Entertainer shouldn’t be reluctant about serving this awesome Chicken Melon Salad Bowl. You serve the salad right in the cantaloupe skin!

Time for dessert. A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make this Melon Sorbet without an ice cream machine. Blend the ingredients in a food processor and freeze it overnight.

I hope you try one (or more) of these unique melon recipes at your next summer picnic. There’s nothing better than serving food that’s both delicious and healthy!