Someone out on the Internet had the bright idea to make napkin rings from a toilet paper roll (or paper towel tube). There are ideas all over Pinterest and other DIY sites for how to turn this everyday piece of trash into decor for your table. It’s actually pretty easy, and all you need is a toilet paper roll (maybe two or three, depending on how many napkin rings you want to make) or a paper towel tube, fabric, and some glue.

1. First, cut the toilet paper roll into several smaller tubes. Mine were about 1 1/2 inches wide, but you can make them as wide or skinny as you want, depending on how thick you want the napkin rings to be.

2. Next, cut fabric strips that are about twice the width of the pieces of the cut toilet paper roll (my fabric strips were about 3 inches), and long enough to wrap around the tube (about 5 1/2 inches). After you cut the fabric, you’ll want to try wrapping the fabric around the smaller tubes to make sure that a) the cardboard is completely covered by fabric and b) there’s not too much excess fabric. Excess fabric tends to bunch and will make gluing the fabric to the tube more difficult.

3. To make gluing the fabric to the toilet paper tube easier, I ironed the fabric strips before I tried to glue them. With the fabric face down, I folded the long edges of the fabric to meet in the center of the fabric, and then ironed them. If you don’t iron the edges, gluing the fabric to the inside of the napkin ring could be difficult. The ironing step will help keep the fabric in the right place while the glue dries.

4. To glue the fabric strip to the tube, I used basting glue. Depending on what kind of fabric you choose, a different kind of glue may work as well. I chose to use basting glue because I knew it wouldn’t seep through the fabric and leave hard spots (I hate it when that happens!) I started by putting glue on the center “strip” of the fabric and rolling the fabric around the tube. Then, I put glue on each of the outside “strips” of fabric and glued the fabric to the inside of the tube.

Just let the glue dry, and slip those puppies onto some napkins!

My favorite part about this DIY project is that you can use any fabric to match your table linens. I really love the fabric I used here, but I’m excited to try this again with a different one to match different table linens!

Have you ever tried making DIY napkin rings, from a toilet paper roll or anything else? Tell us about them! We love hearing about different DIY projects for the table!