How many times a year could we use patriotic tablecloths and napkins? President’s Day in February is just the first of many occasions. There’s also Flag Day, Memorial Day, and, of course, the Fourth of July. Why not put some tablecloths in your linen closet just for these occasions? I bet you’ll use them more than you’d think.

Last year my quilt guild’s annual picnic had a patriotic theme. Here I am standing in front of a red and white chevron tablecloth that I hung on the wall of our pavilion. Notice that I put a blue napkin with stars in one corner to make it look like an American flag? It was a pretty neat looking backdrop, especially since the tables in front of it were covered with the same tablecloths and napkins. (People referred to me as Waldo all day because of my striped shirt;-)

Bright Settings has several patriotic-themed tablecloths and napkins available. First up, the classic American Flag. The video below shows how great this tablecloth looks. The fabric is 70% polyester, 30% cotton which gives it a great feel and easy clean up.

Add some gold stars atop the American flag and you get our Stars N Stripes print. As you can see in the video below, the touch of gold gives this tablecloth an added boost and makes it easy to decorate around. Add some gold napkins and you’re all set to entertain.

I love this Star print. The white stars have either red or blue backgrounds. Why not mix and match? They are 100% polyester so laundering is a breeze. They make great napkins (which are available to rent, also;-) especially when mixed with solid red, white, or blue tablecloths.

You could also put Star napkins atop a Carousel Stripe tablecloth. These 1″ wide red and white stripes really catch the eye. They, too, are a 70-30 polyester/cotton mix for a great drape and easy clean-up. You can’t go wrong with a classic stripe . . .

. . . or a classic Chevron! The dynamic zig-zag motif adds movement to your table. Our Chevron tablecloths and napkins come in several color combinations including red and white, royal and white, and navy and white, any of which would be perfect for a patriotic-themed table. Once again, they could be combined with Star napkins for a gorgeous table.

Whichever prints you choose, you’ll find yourself pulling out these patriotic tablecloths and napkins throughout the year, not just President’s Day. They’d make great gifts for families with members in the armed forces. Scout groups and Veteran clubs would also benefit from having patriotic-themed tablecloths on hand. Talk to someone from our knowledgeable sales staff at 800.327.6025 for expert advice on sizes and colors so you’ll be ready to host your next patriotic-themed party.