This Thanksgiving why not dress up your table with a little DIY goodness? These easy to make, whimsical little cornucopias place card holders are sure to be a hit at your holiday dinner!


jute twine
sugar ice cream cone
hot glue
wax paper
felt-brown, orange, yellow
pen or marker-I used a gold Sharpie

Begin by wrapping your ice cream cone in wax paper and securing it with tape or a dab of hot glue.

Add a dab of hot glue to the tip of the cone and secure the end of your jute twine securely. Allow the hot glue to fully harden before moving on. After the glue is totally cool and the twine is firmly attached use your hot glue gun to create a line of glue about 1″ long down from the tip of the cone. Carefully wrap the twine around the cone being sure it is adhered by the glue on each turn.

Continue to work in 1″ sections until you reach the end of the cone. Before doing the last section trim the wax paper even with the end of the ice cream cone. Wrap the last section of the cone and trim the excess twine. Allow all glue to dry before moving on.

Once the glue is dry carefully slide the twine and wax paper off of the ice cream cone. Use your fingers to gently curve the end of the cone to form your cornucopia.

Cut small leaf shapes from felt. Secure each leaf with a dab of hot glue to inside of cornucopia. If you have excess wax paper showing use small scraps of felt to cover it.

Cut a piece of cardstock approximately 1″ by 2″ and write guest’s name in pen or marker of your choice. Use a dab of hot glue at the bottom center of place card to secure it to the top of the cornucopia, placing it between pieces of the jute twine.

Do you use place cards at your Thanksgiving table? These would be especially cute at a children’s table!