Here’s an easy pumpkin napkin fold that would look great on your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and autumn dining room table. You don’t need any special supplies; just a napkin, a napkin ring, and a pickle. And if you don’t happen to have any napkin rings handy, you can make your own by cutting up a cardboard cylinder from either a toilet paper or paper towel roll. How easy (and inexpensive) is that!

Step #1: Collect your supplies.

  • A cloth napkin
  • A napkin ring OR a cardboard cylinder and a pair of scissors (see Step #2.)
  • A pickle!

Step #2: If you don’t have a napkin ring, make your own by simply cutting a toilet paper roll in half.

Step #3: Put the napkin ring in the center of your napkin.

Step #4: Pull the center of the napkin up through the center of the ring.

Step #5: Turn the napkin over. Holding it in your hand, fiddle with the folds until they’re more evenly distributed. This will become the top of the pumpkin that will be seen when you’re done.

Step #6: Turn the napkin back over (so you can see the napkin ring.) Begin tucking each of the 4 corners into the center.

Step #7: Continue tucking each of the “new” 4 corners into the center.

Step #8: Turn your napkin pumpkin over. Fluff up any fabric that looks out of place.

Step #9: Stick a pickle in the middle and pat yourself on the back! You completed the pumpkin napkin fold.

Basic Polyester Napkins

For this pumpkin napkin fold tutorial, I chose an orange napkin for a traditional looking pumpkin. However, if you check out the photo of my dining room table, you can see that I used a different color napkin for each place setting. I chose burnt orange, terra cotta, burgundy, plum, corn silk, hunter green, sage, and copper. Don’t they look nice on my forest green tablecloth?

I love decorating for fall and I’m lucky to have a wide variety of table linens to choose from. If you’d like to add some fall colors to your linen closet so you can fold up some pumpkins, check out Bright Settings Fall Tablecloth Collection. If you’d like free fabric swatches, order them online or call 800-327-6025 to speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. And if you’d like to see more napkin folds, we have two dozen more complete with video instructions! When it comes to napkin folds, Bright Settings has you covered.