It all Starts with the Invitation




I studied the colors in our garden quite a bit before planning this party.  My goal was to create a rustic and relaxed yet elegant garden party with the color focus being on the garden, not the linens. I chose the lavender/violet, bright green and natural stone colors from our garden as the color theme on the invitation knowing I’d use these same colors for the linens, floral arrangements, paper lanterns & cocktail napkins. The colors are repeated in the garden. I think the invitation should set the tone for the party because it gives the guests a feeling and impression about the type of party and how to dress.


Creating Inviting Outdoor Rooms


We love entertaining in the garden but sometimes, it’s a challenge to get people to venture outside.  There’s usually a group of people who prefer standing in the kitchen to watch the food being arranged on the buffet and they arrive starving!  Since we planned to serve dinner at 5:00, we started the party at 3:30, which gave everyone time to enjoy the garden and take photos before dinner.  I’ve found by creating one or more festive, comfortable and inviting outdoor spaces, it does help to draw people outside.  Having outdoor beverage stations, appetizers and music helps too!  🙂

Make it Cozy with Outdoor Drapes


Here the outdoor drapes are tied back to let the sunshine in and allow guests to see the garden.  There are times when we close them for a sense of enclosure or to block out any wind that may arise so it’s nice to have the option to create a cozy outdoor room with heavy outdoor drapes.  We opted to add the paper lanterns with built in lights which made for a lovely ambiance as the sun set and the light grew dim.  


Finding Linens that Work in your Home


In the past, I used a lot of creamy white damask table linens.  Nothing wrong with white but they seemed a bit formal for what I was going for this time.  These neutral and natural looking Havana Linens fit the bill perfectly.  I was so happy to find high quality heavy weight linens from a company that made them here in the USA, sold them to me at Wholesale prices with no sales tax.  The customer service was really great, they were easy to order and the delivery was prompt.  



Choosing the Right Size, Style and Color

This is a 58″ x 108″ tablecloth to show how it fits on a 35″ x 74″ table. I like to figure a 12″ drop when you have a pretty table.  Anything longer is lovely but unnecessary, more formal, larger to store, more expensive and takes up more room in the washing machine.  I love both but sometimes find that I get caught up or stuck in longer tablecloths when I sit at the table so I prefer sitting under a 12″ drop because it is more comfortable and yet it still looks elegant.
I do know that many brides and others having formal events like their linens to cover the entire table.  This is also true when you have rental tables because the legs are not pretty and with full length linens, you can cover the legs and create a beautiful drape and overall look.
The napkins were available in 3 different sizes but we ordered the larger 20 inch Havana Faux Burlap napkins at the caterer’s suggestion. We found they were a great size to wrap the silverware in because there was enough room to wrap and tuck in so the napkin stays together securely and it looks nice.  The larger napkins make for a more generous lap protector, too!

Setting up to Welcome the Guests



Something New, Something Borrowed and…

How about working with some of what you already have?  Many years ago, I invested in some commercial quality plastic folding tables, a number of brown wooden folding chairs, and assorted table linens from local discount department stores.  I used the linens many times during the past 10-12 years and was ready to make a change!  
These  Havana Faux Burlap linens from Premier Burlap Boutique along with the new paper lanterns lining the walkway to welcome guests were just what I wanted for a pretty update and the natural colors tied in nicely with the garden.

Rustic and Relaxed Elegance




Havana Faux Burlap Table Linens


The Havana Faux Burlap Natural Table Linens really set the stage for our party. They have a lovely weight, drape and texture. They are easy care, quick to dry and no ironing needed. This is what a 56″ round Havana Faux Burlap tablecloth looks like on a 30″ x 40″ tall cocktail table and how a 72″ x 72″ square tablecloth looks on a 44″ x 44″ table. With teak tables, I saw no reason to go long with the overhang. 

Again, thank you Premier Table Linens for your great product, availability of so many shapes and sizes in stock, excellent wholesale pricing, great communication, quick shipping and no sales tax! I am happy to recommend your tablecloths to all of my friends. Had I rented similar tablecloths at our local rental company, I would have probably paid the same amount and I would have needed to return them!

The Garden Party




Burlap is the Natural Choice


The Designer Faux Burlap, the Havana Faux collection table linens from Premier Burlap Boutique are fabulous! I love how they compliment our umbrellas and natural stone so the color focal point stays on the garden.  I purchased a 120″ round tablecloth which was very long on purpose to hide the ugly metal legs of the cocktail table then I tied together 2 -20″ (the largest size option) linen napkins in an overhand knot, cinched the waist and tied the same pretty knot on the other side, letting the triangle sections hang down in the center and gathered and adjusted the skirt to hang beautifully while covering the metal legs.


Thanks for checking in to take a look… Here’s to celebrating life with friends and family!

Until next time,