Summer is in full swing and if you plan to be spending more time outdoors you may wish to increase your comfort level by updating your outdoor furniture and accessories. Unfortunately, as outdoor furniture often has to contend with more wear and tear, they may need to be replaced more often than their indoor counterparts. However, there are many ways to increase the comfort and style of any outdoor sanctuary with durable accessories and furnishing.

Picnic Table: a Key Piece of Outdoor Furniture

The staple of any outdoor furniture arrangement is the picnic table. The center of any summer barbecue, the picnic table can be an oasis of family fun. However, the traditional wooden picnic table is often vulnerable to the elements, especially if you live in an area with an unseasonable climate. One way to avoid the deterioration of your picnic area is by obtaining an aluminum table. Aluminum stands up to moisture a great deal better than wood. But, if you already have a sturdy wooden picnic table, make sure to treat the wood with sealant to protect against water damage. If you are looking for a more portable solution you may want to consider a folding rectangular table. It will serve the same purpose as any stationary picnic table with the added benefit of easy transport. This makes it possible to have a family picnic at any locale. Furthermore, folding tables don’t usually have the attached bench that is common with most picnic tables. Therefore, you can use any chair you wish around the folding table. This may be more inviting to guests who wish to have padded seats and a back upon which to lean. Finally, substituting a rectangular folding table for a traditional picnic table allows for the benefit of easy storage. This will prevent the potential weather damage that comes with stationary outdoor furniture.

Cafe Table – a Fine Addition to Your Outdoor Furniture Collection

Cafe tables are another fine addition to any outdoor dining area. Sleek and stylish, the cafe table offers the perfect place to enjoy an intimate cocktail or a solitary cup of coffee with the morning paper. Cafe tables come in a variety of styles and mediums, so it should be simple to find one that compliments your deck. Again, when considering a cafe table remember that it may have to endure the elements. With any outdoor furniture, durability is an important quality. If you don’t plan on leaving your cafe table outside year around you may want to consider a portable model. A flip-top cafe table can be easily folded up and transported. This will allow you to use your table both indoors and out, depending on the occasion. The folding model suits the versatility of the cafe table since it can be an attractive piece of furnishing in almost any setting, whether it be a dining room, kitchenette, living room, or part of your outdoor furniture collection.

Portable Outdoor Furniture

For the more adventurous summer outdoor adventures you may wish to consider furniture that is even more portable. Camping trips, festivals, and tailgate parties are all fun ways to spend a summer weekend. And, while “roughing it” can often be more enjoyable than a hotel, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a few touches of comfort to your campsite. One way to provide temporary outdoor seating is with the use of folding chairs. However, furniture can often be awkward and heavy, making hiking difficult if you have over packed. Fortunately, there are chairs that are made for this very purpose. Chairs constructed of lightweight wood and canvas can be easily transported and deployed at any campsite or outdoor locale. Because the seats and backs of are made from cloth it is possible to carry enough seating for the whole family. Moreover, chairs constructed in this manner are easy to fold up and store during the off-season.

Also, if you feel like kicking up your feet in front of the campfire, folding stools with canvas footrests can also be easily added to your load without too much additional weight. Remember, when you are camping it is always best to be well prepared. However, since there may be a limit to how much you can carry, it is always good to pack as light as possible. Finding the right balance between supplies and their weight can be the difference between an enjoyable time in the woods or a downright fiasco. One more item that can help achieve this balance is the backpack chair. If your campsite requires a long hike you may wish to keep your hands free while walking. Canvas backpack chairs allow you to simply fold up your camping furniture and strap it on to your back, further increasing their portability.

Even though outdoor accessories can add to your summer fun, it is important to remember that nature provides its own pleasure. With all of the products available it is easy to lose sight of the true purpose of outdoor fun. Too often have I arrived at a campsite only to find that I have brought so many things along that I must spend most of my time packing and unpacking. When outfitting an outdoor relaxation area it is good to keep things in perspective. It can be difficult to get back to nature it you carry civilization with you wherever you go. That is why it is helpful to consider weight and versatility when choosing your outdoor accessories. Generally, the further you are going to be from your home the less you will want to carry along. Finally, be sure to remember that outdoor accessories may have to endure harsh weather. By using products constructed from durable materials you can ensure that your accessories and outdoor furniture can be used summer after summer.