Make each holiday place setting a veritable gift for your dinner guests by wrapping it up with a beautiful bow. Then attach a festive name tag to a couple of wool felt acorns for a unique place card. Your guests will feel treasured even before the food is served.

Tie your holiday place setting up in a neat little bow!

I’m fortunate to live near a ribbon factory and often shop their closeout bin where they let you stuff as much ribbon as you can into a plastic bag for only $5.00. How lucky am I? But even if you don’t have a ribbon factory close by, gorgeous ribbons are available at big box stores at very reasonable prices, especially this time of year. Coordinate your centerpiece by wrapping ribbon around it too. Best yet, your ribbon can do double-duty. After dinner, save the ribbon to adorn packages or hang ornaments.

Wool Felt Acorn Place Cards

There are scads of free printable Thanksgiving place cards available online. I just typed “printable Thanksgiving place cards” into my favorite search engine and found these Free Printable Autumn Place Cards Perfect for Thanksgiving by B.Nute productions. Just add your guests’ names, print and cut apart.

To make the wool felt acorns, you’ll need to gather some acorn caps. They’re available underneath the nearest oak tree;-) You can find the felted wool balls in the yarn section of most craft stores. Get out your trusty glue gun and in minutes you’ll have dozens of adorable acorns to adorn each place setting and the rest of your tablescape.

Remember that centerpiece you wrapped with a matching bow? Scatter some felted wool acorns to pull the whole look together. You could forego the felted wool balls altogether and just use acorns straight from the oak tree. Better hurry though before those furry little squirrels and chipmunks haul them all away.

Napkins and Tablecloths

Our holiday place setting features a gorgeous copper colored basic poly napkin. Our basic polyester napkins are available in 69 colors. Can’t decide which color works best with your tableware? The Bright Settings sample program provides free 6″ x 6″ swatches for only $1.95 shipping fee. There’s even a video explaining the program, but it’s a little dated—the samples are free now! This fabric sample program is especially useful if you’re unsure of just the right shade to use with your tableware under your particular lighting. Or maybe you just don’t trust your monitor to accurately display colors. The sample program will dispel any doubts you may have.

Beneath the tableware in our holiday place setting is our bronze crinkle tablecloth. Even though these tablecloths look pretty fancy, they’re completely machine-washable. Want to know more about our specialty fabrics? You can count on our customer service representatives to answer any questions you may have about color selections, fabric options, and all things table linen related. Call 800.327.6025 to speak to them or start a chat session during regular business hours by selecting “Live Help – Chat” under the Customer Service link at the top of our web site.

If you can tie your shoes, you can add flair to your next holiday place setting. Just set your table, then tie it up in a neat little bow!