These Super Bowl recipes are all super simple, football-shaped food ideas that are perfect for any Super Bowl party – recipes that you might actually make because they’re easy! Why go to a lot of fuss when your guests are just going to inhale the food anyway? My criteria for choosing these recipes from the plethora available on the internet was that each was yummy and SIMPLE. If the recipe had too many ingredients or complicated directions, it got a delay of game penalty and was immediately taken off the field on a stretcher. I don’t have time for tricky recipes . . . I’ve got people to see, guests to entertain, football to watch!

First up, hors d’oeuvres. Or should I say “hors devours”? These Football Bites from “Give Me Some Oven” blog feature football-shaped slices of summer sausage and cheddar cheese. Ali says they only take about 10 minutes to fix. She really “kicked it” up a notch, didn’t she?

Here’s a quick appetizer . . . The Football Cheese Plate from Babble. Just lay out your cheese slices, crackers, and pepperoni in this football-shaped design. What could be easier?

Hard boiled eggs are already football shaped, so you just need to add some green onion slices to make Babble’s delightful Football Deviled Eggs.

Speaking of foods that are already football shaped, what about strawberries? Dipping strawberries in melted chocolate is actually pretty easy, especially since you don’t need any special equipment. Just melt chocolate chips in the microwave, dip your berries, pipe on some laces and you have fabulous Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs. These instructions from “Domestic Fits” call for a piping bag, but to make life even easier, you could just buy white icing in a squeezable tube.

No Super Bowl Party is complete without pizza. If you’re making your own pizza anyway, why not lay out the pepperoni in the shape of a football? Kraft’s recipe for Kickoff Pizza uses a frozen pizza, so you don’t need to go to any trouble making the crust if you don’t want to. Just “lace up” your pizza by putting some Kraft Singles on top.

Who doesn’t like Seven-Layer Dip? Put it in a football-shaped bowl and you have a quick Football 7 Layer Dip courtesy of “Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.” Jill layered lettuce on the bottom, then salsa, tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, avocados, and refried beans mixed with a package of taco seasoning – all in a football shaped bowl. She and her 3 boys piped on sour cream for the laces. Isn’t it adorable (and delicious;-)?

Here’s a sweet and simple Peanut Butter Football Dip from the blog “Crazy for Crust” that’s made with a peanut butter concoction covered with chocolate sprinkles. Dorothy says you can eat it with pretzels, cookies, or, her personal favorite, a spoon;-)

Who has two thumbs and a big sweet tooth? Me, me, me! The recipe for these Double Chocolate Football Cupcakes is from “The Baker Chic.” If kickoff time is fast approaching, you could just as easily use a cake mix, canned chocolate frosting, and white icing from a squeezable tube.

The folks over at eHow show you how to make a Football Shaped Cake without buying specialty baking pans. They just cut the centers out of round cakes. Add some frosting, some piping (still have some squeezable icing left?) and voilà, you look like a professional cake decorator. I especially like the coconut “grass” arranged around the bottom.

Now, here’s what you do. . . send this blog post to 9 of your friends and tell them to each prepare one of these recipes. You set the Super Bowl Table by referring to last week’s blog post Super Bowl Table Ideas and let your guests fill the table up with football shaped foods. It’s a win-win. (Just make sure none of the football shaped foods get deflated between the time the table is set and the football game begins;-)