As promised, here are photos of my snowman table from last week’s dinner party. I took my own blog advice and set a fun snowman-themed table for my quilting friends last Monday night. It looked absolutely adorable, even if I must say so myself. (Which I didn’t have to say so myself because my girlfriends raved over it;-)

First, I chose Bright Setting’s White Polka Dot polyester tablecloth. That’s the one with the black background and white polka dots. The polka dots reminded me of snowballs, especially since they’re a full one inch in diameter. There is also a Black Polka Dot tablecloth available that has a white background and black polka dots. It would have worked just as well.

Next, I had to pick an accent color. I considered several shades of blue because blues are often used in snowman decorations. But after auditioning several different colors, I went with bright red. It made quite a splash. I went with Bright’s Matte Satin Red Table Runner because of the sheen. It absolutely glowed on the black and white tablecloth. Matte Satin tablecloths come in 38 different colors – for sale or for rent.

Then I selected red polycheck napkins for the snowmen’s scarves. I love the feel of the polycheck fabric. Not only is it stain- and wrinkle-resistant, it’s very durable. Polycheck fabric comes in 5 different colors: black, hunter green, maize yellow, royal blue, and red. The gingham checkerboard pattern is made up of 1″ squares. It’s a classic look.

Then came the best part – making the snowman place settings. Oh, what fun! I mentioned last week that I didn’t own any plain white dishes, but that was an easy fix. I went to the Dollar Tree and got heavy-gauge plastic dishes in two different sizes. After dinner, I didn’t have to worry about storing more dishes in my overcrowded cupboards and clean-up was a breeze. I didn’t feel bad at all about serving dinner on disposable plates since they were so sturdy. I think my guests actually felt better too because they didn’t have to worry about me doing a ton of dishes after they left.

For the snowman’s top hat, I just used a black paper napkin held down with a knife. I used a fork and a spoon for the snowman’s arms and Raisinetes for the snowman’s eyes and buttons. (They were kind of misshapen just like lumps of coal.) I used red M&Ms for the mouth and right before my guests arrived, I cut the ends off of carrot sticks for the noses. Isn’t Frosty adorable?

The ladies added their carrot noses to their salads and ate the chocolate candy after dinner. (It quenched their sweet tooth (tooths? teeth?) at least until dessert was served later in the evening;-) All in all, it was the perfect evening . . . good food and good friends sitting around an a beautiful table. The best part is that my friends knew that I went to a little bit of trouble to make them feel welcome and special. And by a little bit, I really do mean “a little bit.” The snowman table came together very fast. I can’t wait to invite my school-aged nieces and nephews over for lunch. Wouldn’t that snowman table make a perfect ending to a day of snowman building and sled riding?