Do you have a silver collection? We have a great collection of links to show you how to polish, store, and display silver properly. There is nothing worse than preparing for a dinner party only to find that your silver is tarnished beyond usefulness. Learn how to take care of it today so that it is ready to go whenever your party occurs.

Lets start with polishing silver since that is a task that so many hate. There are commercial silver polishes on the shelves of your local store. Be sure to head here to see how to use a store bought silver polish properly. However, I found some great recipes for DIY silver polishes that work with items you already have on hand at home. You can use a paste of corn starch and water as this article suggests. This method involving a chemical reaction with aluminum foil and boiling water also looks promising. Either way, be sure to properly clean and polish your silver before moving onto our storage and display ideas.

To store your silver, be sure to keep humidity levels low. How would you do that? This post from The Nest has several ideas for controlling the humidity when storing. You may do well with understanding exactly why your silver tarnishes. Read up on the reasons why it tarnishes plus learn several storage methods in this post from Home Storage Solutions.

Maybe you don’t want to store your silver at all but keep it displayed? Be sure to read up on this article from on how to properly display your silver. Keep it shiny and pretty with these great ideas.

Don’t be ashamed of your silver and not bring it out at all of your dinner parties. With these methods, you can keep your silver polished and tarnish free longer. Learn how to polish, store, and display silver with these great articles.