It is the season for pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, and bumps in the night. Instead of a typical Halloween party, a fun alternative is to host a pumpkin carving party. We have your complete go to guide on hosting including decor, necessities, printable invitations, and of course pumpkin carving templates.

Invite adults and kids alike and either supply the pumpkins or let them know to bring their own. You can set up your backyard with tables and food. Be sure to light up the night and even have a fire! You can see more images of the pumpkin carving party pictured below by clicking here.

Be sure to cover the carving table in something disposable or otherwise easy to clean. Supply buckets or bowls for the pumpkin guts as well. You can have your guests draw their own faces or supply printed templates for them to follow. Click here to see more of the pumpkin carving party below from Martha Stewart.

Add Halloween themed decor and even food to make your party complete. Be sure to take pictures of the completed pumpkins to remember the party for years to come. Click here to see more of the fabulous party below from Bliss Celebrations Guide.

Don’t forget to make your food as spooky as the party. Look for simple yet scary Halloween recipes that your guests will love. The pumpkin carving is just part of the fun of the party pictured below from Amy’s Party Ideas.

I love the idea of giving each guests their own pumpkin carving kit complete with knives, spoons, and a container for the seeds and guts. This mason jar pumpkin carving kit from Jenny Steffens is a perfect example. Be sure to make these for each guest on your list.

If you are looking for pumpkin carving templates, I have those for you as well. Pick a few of these and print them for your guests. Or even set up a computer and printer for them to print their own. Click here to get over 700 free pumpkin carving templates.

You will also need to invite your guests a few days ahead of time. A great way to do that is with these free printable invitations from The Sweetest Occasion. Include a recipe for pumpkin seeds with the invitation or pass those out at the party.

Does the mess of a pumpkin carving party have you shaking in your mud boots? You can still host a fabulous pumpkin decorating party….no carve style! Get crafty with your pumpkins like this no carve pumpkin party from Freut Cake.

Grab your pumpkins ladies and gents for a fabulous pumpkin carving party that is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. Host a few weeks before Halloween so guests can enjoy their pumpkin on their porch for a few weeks before the big day.