Mother’s Day is almost here. Now, don’t just grab a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store and hand them to the woman who endured 18 hours of painful labor bringing you into this world. C’mon now. She taught you better than that. Think outside the vase and display those flowers in a unique and special way. After all, your mom is unique and special. So are beautiful flowers arranged in a special vase, like any of these unique Mother’s Day flower vases shown below. Your extra effort will not go unnoticed. Trust me. I know about these things. I’m a mom.

This first arrangement seems pretty elaborate, but the instructions from Southern Living for this Cabbage Flower Centerpiece are very easy to follow. You just have to hollow out a hole in a head of cabbage large enough to accommodate a Mason jar. Wouldn’t it look extraordinary on your mom’s dining room table?

Cooking Light doesn’t have instructions for this unique flower arrangement, but it’s easy to see how it’s done. Trim the stems of rose buds very short and float them in a shallow amount of water. You’ll need to use enough flowers so the buds butt up against each other and hold each other up straight. You could use any shape of vase you have on hand as long as it’s glass.

HGTV provides wonderful instructions for making this Fruit And Flower Cube arrangement. One cube vase is inserted into another slightly larger cube vase. Limes are sliced very thinly and put in the gap between the vases. You could use any fruit you wanted depending on the color of the flowers you picked.

Midwest Living added kumquats to this glass vase. What other fruit or vegetable could you use? Just add a bunch of daffodils – they’re everywhere right now – and you have an incredibly fresh and bright centerpiece your mom will love.

GillyFlower5 was inspired by one of Vintage Home’s Tumblr photographs. What a great way to use grandma’s old buttons. Once more I think I’d put a small jar inside of a larger glass vase. If nothing else, it would save on the number of buttons needed to fill the jar. This arrangement would look great in my craft room . . . er, uh, I mean your mom’s craft room.

Does your mom love shoes? If so, I bet she’d love this. The DIY instructions from Maker, Baker, Glitter Shaker are very well done. I’ve seen similar arrangements done in cowboy boots and rubber shower boots, too.

Why do I always end up on Ana Rosa’ Tumblr page when I’m searching for unique decorating ideas? I love this simple flower arrangement in an old teapot. That reminds me . . . I have an old brass pot that would work great as a vase!

Even if you don’t have an old teapot in your closet, I bet you have some teacups available. eHow gives step by step instructions on How To Create a Teacup Floral Arrangement. They’re especially nice for small scale flowers such as violets and miniature roses.

Petal Talk provides detailed instructions on How To Make A Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement. Confused about what flowers go where and how to use floral foam? Why not learn from the professionals with this great DIY. I love how they used the watering can as the base.

Here’s a colorful arrangement from Right At Home using an Evening Bag for a vase! No harm comes to the purse because a glass jar is put inside to hold the flowers (and the water;-) The handbag could double as a Mother’s Day gift too!

My very favorite flower arrangement comes from Southern Living. Although it’s billed as an Easter centerpiece, it would make a beautiful Mother’s Day table decoration because of the whole food/flower theme. Carrots with stems are arranged in a large fishbowl filled with water. Of course, other flowers and greenery are added to complete the look. Luckily, this site provides great instructions. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

So there you have it. Eleven beautiful Mother’s Day flower centerpieces arranged in unique vases, any of which would make your mom feel very loved. Maybe you could add a handwritten card. You can use this little poem if you want . . . Roses are red. Violets are blue. These flowers are special. They remind me of you.