Hello. My name is Kim. I’m a quiltaholic. I’ve made so many quilts that I’ve run out of relatives to give them to (and I have a big family.) Every bed in my house has at least two quilts. Every room is adorned with quilted wall hangings. I have a closet chock full of quilted table runners, table toppers, and placemats for every occasion. I have at least a half-dozen baby quilts earmarked for my yet unborn (and un-concieved) grandchildren. Seriously. I’m not exaggerating. Quilts are my obsession but I’ve run out of places to put them. So what’s a prolific quilter to do? Use quilts as tablecloths, that’s what.

Quilts come in all sizes and styles. You don’t have to have a farmhouse with gingham curtains for a quilt to look at home in your kitchen – although that definitely is a classic look. Here are 13 tables decorated with quilts to inspire you. No matter what color or style your kitchen decor, I bet you’ll find a look that works for you.

Here’s a classic “nine-patch quilt” made by Carolyn Parker from Rose Notes blog. She used patches from her kids’ own clothing along with dainty rosebud fabric. How could your heart not smile sitting down for breakfast at a table covered in all those memories?

Mary from Home Is Where The Boat Is brought her “grandmother’s flower garden quilt” outdoors in honor of her grandmother who made the quilt decades ago. The calico hexagons are so cheerful. Mary added a bouquet of flowers with many of the same colors. You will never see a more delightful Mother’s Day/Birthday Party. Keep scrolling down this blog page for spectacular photos of her decorations, flowers, and food.

Manda from Once Upon My Life used a “log cabin quilt” to decorate her picnic table. She set up farm-related props on the table for her Country Picnic Party. What a great theme to decorate around – especially for a little boy’s birthday party.

This antique “appliqued rose quilt” was featured as a table covering at a recent garden tour attended by Vickie of Paint Or Dig. She especially liked the green and white dishes that accentuated the colors in the quilt. I agree Vickie, it is a romantic looking table.

Kristie from The Decorologist covered her Little House on the Prairie-themed table with a classic “Sunbonnet Sue applique quilt” that was just perfect for the occasion. If you scroll down the page a bit, you’ll see that she spread some patchwork quilts on her other tables too. Then she let the girls make paper patchwork quilts out of scrapbook paper and taught them how to do simple backstitching, just like Half-Pint used to do. I’ll definitely be using those ideas the next time my great-nieces come over to play with Aunt Kim.

Mia from Mia’s Country Living blog in Norway finished up several of what we in the quilting industry call “UFOs” – UnFinished Objects. Every quilter has them. We start a project but before we finish it, another idea pops into our heads and we’re off buying fabric for a new quilt. Meanwhile, a pile of unfinished quilts builds up. Luckily, Mia put the final stitches in several quilts including this lovely blue and white “nine-patch.” It looks simply lovely in her yellow country kitchen.

Tammy from A Primitive Place recently updated her dining room. She went from colonial primitive to farmhouse primitive. Although it’s a subtle distinction, Tammy found the perfect quilt – a red, white, and green “churn dash” derivation that looks sensational in her dining room.

Sandy Gervais from Pieces of My Heart designs fabric for Moda. She uses quilts in other places besides on beds. Just scroll down to see several ideas including this classic red and white quilt. She stacks quilts, drapes quilts, even frames quilts. I bet her house is gorgeous.

This yellow and white antique quilt looks fantastic outdoors. Kelly from The Polished Pebble really knows how to throw a picnic. She decided to have Easter breakfast in the garden and picked the perfect quilt to cover her table with.

This Star Burst Wall Hanging is the perfect size to cover a small table – about 48″ square. You can get Kimberly Einmo’s quilt pattern from the wonderful website All People Quilt.

Elizabeth Anne Designs shows how to use quilts to decorate a beverage table at her friend’s wedding. The quilts were from the bride’s great-grandmother.

Jacqueline from Cabin and Cottage uses an antique red and white “Irish chain” quilt to decorate for Christmas. The red and white checks are perfect in her farmhouse. Red and white quilts are coveted amongst antique quilt collectors because they are so classic.

Ana-Rosa’s Tumbler page shows off a wonderful yo-yo quilt. Although it’s not by definition a quilt because it doesn’t have three layers – front, batting, and backing – this pink, white, and light purple yo-yo throw looks spectacular under a bouquet of lilacs.

Do you have a quilt you’d like to use as a tablecloth? Why not get it out of your linen closet and put it out for your friends and family to enjoy. If you’re worried about food spills – especially if the quilt is a family heirloom – consider covering it with a clear vinyl tablecover for an extra layer of protection. Then all you have to do is wipe it clean. Bright Setting’s 6-gauge vinyl table coverings come in squares or rectangles up to 70″ wide by whatever length you need. Talk to a knowledgable customer service rep by calling 1-866-327-6025 during regular business hours or ask us a question using this message form. We’ll be glad to answer your questions about our vinyl tablecloths, or any other fabric for that matter.