It’s that time of year again when guests gather around the table to eat and socialize. One of the very best dishes to serve is a Tear and . Folks can tear off what they want, when they want it. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, these warm, gooey bites are simply delicious. Here are 22 Tear and recipes that are easy to prepare. The only tough part will be deciding which one to make!

If you don’t like baking bread, this Bloomin Onion Bread recipe from Siktwinfood is perfect. You start with a loaf of bread that’s already been made. Slice in a grid pattern – but not all the way through -then pour on the savory cheese, herb and onion mixture.

Nagi from Recipe Tin Eats also starts with a pre-made loaf of bread for her Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread. She refers to this type of pull-apart bread as “crack” bread (for more than one reason;-) and says that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never make garlic bread any other way.

Here’s yet another way to make garlic bread. This recipe from Olive Magazine is touted as the Best Ever Tear And Garlic Bread. Those interesting layers of bread look irresistible.

This -N-Tear Garlic Parmesan Bread is from Bonnie, a contributor on Love Foodies. The list of ingredients is very short, as are the instructions. Fast, easy, and delicious!

Jamie Oliver is a renowned chef, so his Tear ‘n Garlic Bread is bound to be wonderful. This made-from-scratch bread is soft and spongy, but with a crisp bottom. Yum.

Kara from A Kailo Chic Life didn’t make bread from scratch either. Instead, she used biscuit dough to make her Yummy Italian Pull-Apart Bread.

Shawn from I Wash You Dry also started with biscuit dough. She flavored hers with ranch-flavored butter, cheese, and bacon for a perfect football game day snack.

The Love Foodies blog has a great recipe for a -n-Tear Pizza Bread. You can use biscuit dough or your own bread recipe. Add your family’s favorite pizza toppings and bake it in a bundt cake tin for a delicious – and gorgeous – snack.

You may have heard & Tear breads referred to as “monkey breads.” This Savory Herb & Cheese Monkey Bread recipe from Five Heart Home can be modified to your liking by using your family’s favorite herbs.

Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen has a wonderful Tear & Cheesy Italian Bread Twists recipe that’s to die for. Melissa calls this type of food “interactive’ because your guests help with either the preparation or serving. In this case, they serve themselves!

Developing A Pattern provides a recipe for Pizza Monkey Bread that looks mouth-watering. If you bake it in a bundt pan, there’s even a place in the center for dipping sauce when you serve it.

Does your family like Mexican food as much as mine does? If so, this Mexican Bubble Bread from Nest of Posies is the perfect and tear choice for you.

My quilting friends love soda bread, so this Tear & Soda Bread from Good Food Everyday is going on my menu when I host our next quilting bee. I may even make the creamy cauliflower soup that’s featured on this webpage, too!

How would you like to wake up to the smell of this Breakfast Pull-Apart Bread? Very Culinary combines cheese and bacon with refrigerated biscuit dough for an all-in-one breakfast meal.

Here’s a perfect appetizer for the holidays . . . a Christmas Tree Pull-Apart. Angie from Eclectic Recipes forms her refrigerated pizza crust balls in the shape of a Christmas tree then adds lots of yummy ingredients – including cream cheese, so it’s guaranteed to be delicious!

Stollen is a bread filled with candied fruits, nuts, and spices and often covered with powdered sugar. Jo’s Blue AGA Mini Tear And Stollen is all that and more – marzipan!

How Sweet It Is offers this recipe for Sweet Orange Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread that looks so good my mouth is watering. I have the worst sweet tooth ever, so this combination of orange and cinnamon is right up my alley.

Here’s a great recipe for a Blueberry Tear and Loaf from A Dutchie Baking. Ramona says it’s really a cross between cake and bread. What’s not to like about that combination?

Vegetarian Ventures offers up a recipe called Caramelized Cranberry & Brie Pull-Apart Bread. I like every word of that description!

Check out this gorgeous Nutella Braided Tear And Bread from Nify Mag. They even provide a video if you want to watch how the braiding is done. adds chocolate to their tear and offering. Mama’s Chocolate Tear And Brioche combines my favorite treat (chocolate) with a wonderful brioche, which is a rich, tender, flaky bread.

This Brown Butter Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread recipe comes from Deliciously Yummy. Kathi says it’s a wonderful way to start off your morning.

My stomach is growling at me as I write this blog post. I want to try each and every one of these tear and recipes. They’re not only perfect for the holidays, but for any occasion that your loved ones gather around the table. You’ll just have to excuse me if you hear my stomach rumbling as I tear off my first bite!