Hosting a party can be lots of fun but also lots of work. Try hosting a potluck party for your friends with this ultimate guide. Everything from food to invitations to decor (including ideas for table linens) can be found in this guide for hosting a potluck party. Your guests will be amazed at your mad party skills and you can relax knowing that you have all of your bases covered.

Start with this article from Simple Bites on the art of hosting a potluck. Everything from planning, organizing, and even dish suggestions are covered in one place. Check out this article even if you are attending a potluck as they also have tips on how to be a great attendee.
Next up be sure to send our your invites. I found some great printable invitations from A Subtle Revelry that you can customize letting your guests know what to bring.
Afraid to throw a potluck due to food allergies? I have you covered there as well. Head over to Eating Rules for a guide on how to host an allergy friendly potluck. Get free printable labels there as well that will let your allergy effected guests know just what is in each dish.
Now that you have a plan and have invited some guests….what are YOU going to make? Head over to Mr. Food for 57 Potluck Pleaser recipes that are sure to impress your crowd.
Invited to a potluck? I have also gathered a few articles for you on getting your food safely to the potluck dinner. This great tutorial for potluck bowl covers comes to you from The Cottage Home. Your dishes will never look better.
You will also want to check out tips for transporting all different kinds of food dishes from Better Homes and Gardens. From hot to cold and everything in between….they have you covered.
Feeling crafty? Make a casserole cozi from an old sweater with this tutorial from Makezine. A lovely addition to your kitchen for this potluck plus many more in the future.
I also have a few ideas for the potluck party host and how to display your food. This chalkboard serving tray from Shanty 2 Chic is perfect for a potluck party. Just write the names of the dishes in chalk and re-use at your next potluck party.
Another idea for the potluck table is to package your utensils and napkins together for easy grabbing. There is nothing worse then having to get back in the potluck line cause you forgot to get a fork. Come on I know you have done it too! This idea for packaging utensils from Celebrations is pretty and functional.

Ask your guests to email you their potluck recipe ahead of time. Then you can print the recipes on fun paper and have them handy for guests to grab. You know that there is always that one (or two!) dish that you wish you could make at home. A great potluck dish sharing idea from Better Homes and Gardens.

Finally, some simple dry erase food markers that you can make from hardware store items. This idea from Madigan Made is perfect for labeling dishes as they arrive at your potluck party. Plus they are pretty and we all want a pretty party.

Now get started on planning your next potluck party with this guide for hosting a potluck party. Your guests will be thrilled with the results.