Glimmer can be defined as a tiny glint of light or as a sliver of an idea. At Bright Settings, it is defined as our sparkling Glimmer tablecloths! It shimmers, twinkles, and flickers in 14 glorious colors. And we have more than a glimmer of hope that you’ll love this glamorous fabric as much as we do!

Bright’s Glimmer tablecloth fabric is covered with tiny, shimmering sequins that catch and reflect light in the most dazzling style. Just imagine your glistening candlelit table as it catches the attention of your beloved dinner guests. Or maybe there’s just one very special guest who appreciates the romantic setting you’ve created. Wouldn’t your table look sensational in the glimmering moonlight while you enjoy a bottle of bubbly under the stars? No need to tell anyone that you’ve deftly achieved this idyllic scene by simply starting with the perfect Glimmer tablecloth as your backdrop.

And just look at all the glorious colors! From lustrous metallics to intense jewel tones, these shimmering tablecloths set the mood for any special occasion. It’s true what they say: All that glitters is not gold. Here at Bright Settings, we say that all that Glimmers is not gold either. It’s White, Nude, Bronze, Mist, Blush, Crimson, Turquoise, Royal, Midnight, Violet, Silver, Charcoal, and Black, too!

Glimmer tablecloths are 100% polyester so they can be laundered in warm water using mild detergent. They can be put in your dryer on the cool cycle. You can even press them with a cool iron, but if you hang them to dry, there’s no need. Glimmer tablecloths are easy to care for.

This is one of those instances where photographs just don’t do justice to the brilliance of the image. If you’d like to see our luminous Glimmer fabric up-close and personal, use our popular swatch program. Order (nearly;-) as many fabric samples as you like and pay just $1.99 to cover shipping costs. You won’t believe how gorgeous these fabrics are in “real life.” Order online or call one of customer reps at 800-327-6025 for more information. When it comes to fabulous tablecloths, Bright Settings has you covered!