At Easter time, I like hangin’ with my Peeps. Yes, those colorful marshmallow treats are a staple in my kids’ Easter baskets. Most of my kids like their Peeps fresh, but one of my boys likes to leave his package open for a few days and let his Peeps get stale before eating them. Crazy, eh? However you like your Peeps, you’ll love these quick and easy Peep recipes.

Have you ever made a dirt cake? They’re always a hit at summertime picnics. For Easter, just add some green coconut “grass”, candy eggs, and a few Peeps (of course) for this darling Peeps Easter Bunny Dirt Cake from Food Family & Finds.

These Chocolate Bird’s Nest Cookies from the Five Heart Home blog are actually chocolate macaroons. The recipe is no-bake so it couldn’t be easier – or cuter!

If your family isn’t wild about coconut – I know some people aren’t – here’s a different no bake cookie recipe from Chef In Training. These No-Bake Chocolate Egg Nest Cookies are shaped in muffin pans.

Beth from The First Year blog made these adorable Swimming Peeps Jello Cups. What kid wouldn’t love this for dessert?

Here’s another individual dessert perfect for the kids. These Peeps Pudding Smores Pies were made In Katrina’s Kitchen. The recipe couldn’t be easier.

Susan from Oh My! Creative tweaked the ever-popular Sunflower Cake recipe into this quick and easy Sunflower Peep Brownies recipe. It sings of spring!

How about some Peepcorn? The Yellow Bliss Road blog shows you how to melt peeps and butter then pour the mixture over popcorn to make delicious – and colorful – Peeps Popcorn.

Here’s the simplest idea yet . . . just add Peeps to your hot chocolate like the folks from Spoon University. If you don’t like stale Peeps like my son does, put them in your hot beverage for flavor and color.

According to Sally’s Baking Addiction blog, Peep Smores are pretty simple too. Just sandwich a piece of chocolate and a Peep between graham crackers and microwave for 20 seconds. No campfire required.

It seems like the Peeps available at the grocery store get more colorful every year. I think they’re beautiful to decorate with even if you never take a bite. Please, just give Peeps a chance;-)