I spent the weekend taking down all my snowman decorations and replacing them with Easter decor. I normally don’t get excited about housework, especially spring cleaning, but freshening up the house with spring-themed trimmings made this yearly chore darn near pleasant. What a glorious time I had putting out pastel-colored quilts and fresh cut flowers. My favorite part of this weekend’s homemaking chores was covering my dining room table with fresh new table linen. Speaking of which, you’re going to love Bright Settings’ brand new Easter Rabbit Gingham tablecloth.

Our Shamrock Gingham tablecloths were such a hit last month that Bright Settings just had to design something similar for Easter! This jaunty fabric combines classic gingham plaid with an adorable Easter rabbit motif in the intersecting squares. Pictured below are 5 lovely spring pastel colors, but this tablecloth can be made using any colors you want. That’s because it’s one of our customizable designs – and it’s available only at Bright Settings!

Here are just a few of the endless color possibilities available: Sky Blue, Pink, Green, Lilac and Sunshine. Just imagine having a unique dining room tablecloth that perfectly matches the hard-to-find colors on your walls, on your dinnerware, or in your centerpiece. The ability to choose virtually any color you want makes decorating fun and easy – as it should be!

The stripes in this gingham plaid measure 1/2 inch wide, making it perfect for airy, wispy, springtime decorating. This unique tablecloth would look fantastic on your porch table, especially if combined with dainty polka dots. Fill a pastel flower vase with daffodils and add polka dot napkins for a lovely spring table.

Did someone say polka dot napkins? It just so happens that Bright Settings has brand new Spring Polka Dot tablecloth that is also customizable to any color your heart desires. Here are five colors that would coordinate with your new Easter Rabbit Gingham Tablecloth – Sky Blue, Pink, Green, Lilac and Sunshine. Mix and match pastel colors and patterns for a whimsical, breezy, springtime look. Just imagine serving a festive Easter dinner on fresh and lovely table linen.

After setting your springtime table, all that’s left is putting out a delicious Easter spread. Speaking of which, do you know the best way to Cook an Amazing Easter Ham? The secret is cooking it at a low temperature so it doesn’t dry out, but click on the link for the specifics.

No matter what you serve, your Easter Rabbit Gingham or Spring Polka dot tablecloth will lay an incomparable foundation for a festive presentation. For help choosing the perfect size and color for your new springtime tablecloth, call us at 800-327-6025 during business hours. When it comes to setting a magnificent Easter table, Bright Settings has you covered.