It’s graduation time again! Are you hosting a graduation party? If so, make it extra special by covering your tables with Bright Settings’ new Flying Caps tablecloths.

The ubiquitous square academic cap has many names. It is commonly called a mortarboard because it sort of looks like the mortarboards used by stonemasons to hold mortar. It’s also referred to as an Oxford cap, a graduate cap, a square, a trencher, and a corner-cap. I have happy memories of affixing the skull cap section to my head with lots of bobby pins! (Which was all well and good until it came time to throw the hat up into the air;-)

Flying Caps Tablecloths

The greatest thing about the Flying Caps tablecloth is that it can be customized using any colors you want! The sample pictured here is the combination of black caps and gold tassels on a very light blue background. Those are the colors of my alma mater! What color combination would you pick? I think white mortarboards on a black background would look good too. Then pick a third color for the tassel. It’s really no hassle!

Besides graduation parties, other great venues for an awesome Flying Caps tablecloth include your high school or college reunion. As a matter of fact, these tablecloths would be a great addition to your local school’s linen closet. They could be pulled out for graduation ceremonies year after year. That’s because they’re made of durable, washable, 100% polyester.

If you’re not sure what size tablecloths you need, call one of our highly educated, studious customer service reps. They’re geniuses when it comes to calculating proper sizes. If scholars bestowed collegiate awards in table settings, each of our brilliant reps would qualify for a master’s degree in table linen science! Let them help you order the perfect Flying Caps tablecloth for your upcoming commencement festivities. When your guests see your decorating prowess, they’ll consider you the brains of the family! When it comes to making you look smart, Bright Settings has you covered.