Here at Bright Settings, Open Box Deals refer to the resale of brand new table linens that have been returned to us unused. We offer very deep discounts on returned merchandise – at least 50% off the regular price! Our ongoing Open Box Deals promotion is a win-win for everybody involved—our customers, and us!

We have a very liberal returns policy. If, by rare chance, a customer receives table linens that are not in satisfactory condition, we will replace the items at no charge. Perhaps there’s a flaw in the fabric weave or a defect in the hem stitching—it rarely happens, but when it does, Bright Settings will send brand new replacements to the customer, all on our dime. Contact one of our customer service reps at 800-327-6025 for details.

If a customer receives what they requested, but decides she just doesn’t want the linens, these items can also be returned to Bright Settings. However, a restocking fee is assessed and certain restrictions apply.

  • There is a 30% restocking fee for standard size tablecloths.
  • If the table linens were custom ordered in a special size, there is a 50% restocking fee.

That’s where Open Box Deals come from! Unused—yet, perfectly fine table linens—are restocked on our Returned Merchandise Shelves and offered to you at a discount of at least 50% off the original price.

What might you find on our fun little Returned Merchandise Shelves? Well, we have round, oval, square, and rectangular tablecloths in many sizes, fabrics, and colors. We may have fitted tablecloths, table skirts, placemats, napkins, chair covers, and table runners too! We may even have aisle runners and chair ties at clearance prices.

So, you see, everybody wins. The first customer gets to take advantage of our generous return policy, the second customer benefits by getting near-wholesale pricing on gorgeous table linens, and Bright Settings wins by gaining new, savvy customers who appreciate a good deal.

Open Box Deals are always at least 50% off. Join our email list to stay abreast of even deeper discounts—occasionally we run Open Box Deals at 75% off. Subscribing to our email list also gets you 10% off your first linen order of $50 or more! It’s another win-win situation for everybody! So, if you’re looking for a good deal on good table linens, Bright Settings has you covered!