Beautiful table decor is the perfect backdrop for a special meal but what should you keep in mind if you have children dining with you? Follow these simple tips to create a tablescape that is both beautiful and family friendly.

Don’t Worry

The foundation of any table setting is the table linens but dining with children can make even a simple meal stressful if you are constantly worried about spills and stains. Using liquid and stain resistant linens is an easy way to cut your worry and enjoy the hard work you’ve put in to your table decor!

If using china dishes opt for something a little less delicate at children’s place settings. There are many attractive plastic or melamine dishes that can easily be incorporated into even the most elegant tablescapes.

Think Safety

Many decor elements we use in decorating tables can be hazardous to young children. Candles can easily fall and create a fire or burn hazard-consider using flameless LED candles as a substitute in your centerpieces.

Young children are also notorious for pulling on tablecloths and table runners…be sure that centerpiece items are not made of breakable and fragile materials like ceramic or glass. If breakables can’t be avoided consider skipping the linens underneath and opting for placemats as an alternative.

Deter Boredom

You’ve spent time decorating your table and preparing your food—now enjoy your meal by helping the children at your table stay occupied while everyone eats. Placemats made of butcher paper and accompanied by crayons or stickers can help bored children stay quietly occupied during a meal.

Consider asking children to help with the dinner in age appropriate ways such as clearing the table or refilling drinks. The activity not only provides an outlet for squirm-inducing energy but also helps the child feel they have an important role in the meal.

By keeping these three tips into mind you can create family friendly tablescapes and ensure guests of all ages enjoy your next dinner!