The Standing Rosebud Napkin Fold is perfect for when you want your folded napkins to stand up at each place setting.

What’s more, you can put all sorts of different decorative elements inside making this versatile napkin fold good for all seasons! It can also hold treats for your guest, so it doubles as a favor, too!

Standing Rosebud Napkin Fold

Step #1: Lay your napkin face down in front of you. (Put the “wrong” side up.)

Step #2: Fold in half diagonally. Orient the triangle so that the folded edge is toward you.

Step #3: Fold the right corner of the triangle up to the top point. Repeat with the left corner. (This will be the apex of your napkin fold, so make sure all the points line up on top of each other.)

Step #4: Turn the napkin over, keeping the open end pointing away from you.

Step #5: Fold the bottom (folded) edge up toward the top point about 3/4 of the way up.

Step #6: Flip the napkin back over to the front.

Step #7: Fold the right side across the front (an inch or two past the center.)

Step #8: Fold the left side across the front. Now tuck it into the opening.

Step #9: Curl the base and fuss with the tucks until it looks nice. Stand it up.

Step #10: Add dry flowers, candy canes, or snacks to go with the theme of your event!

The fabric I used for this napkin fold is called Somerset. It’s one of Bright Settings’ popular Damasks. Somerset comes in four elegant colors: White, Ivory, Gold, and Plum. As with all damasks, there is a motif woven into the fabric. The juxtaposition of shiny threads on a flat background make for a dazzling affect. Somerset’s motif consists of wispy curlicues and leaf shapes. The organic nature of the curves make it an instant classic. Somerset is soft and lovely to touch. Combine Somerset napkins with a beautiful Somerset tablecloth, and you’ll have a table to be proud of.

If you’d like to see samples of Somerset, or any of our table linen fabrics, just call us at 800-327-6025 or order them online. Just select “Fabric Samples” from the pull-down menu located at the top of every product page. Order as many as you like and pay only $1.95 to cover shipping costs. And always remember, when it comes to table linen, Bright Settings has you covered!