It’s pumpkin time again! I love decorating for autumn. Unfortunately, real pumpkins – especially jack o-lanterns – don’t last long. Luckily, these crafty pumpkins will last for years. They’re made using everything from sweaters, twine, and panty hose to Mason jar lids and dryer vents! No matter what medium you pick, you’ll love these crafty pumpkin tutorials.

Debbie from Confessions Of A Plate Addict always has crafty ideas that I love. She used an orange sweater from the thrift store to make this pumpkin, but if you can’t find the right color, you could always dye a sweater with Rit Dye. They have several shades of orange. I was lucky enough to find a white cable sweater that I’m going to make a pumpkin out of.

This Twine Pumpkin from Simply Albany is simply wonderful. At first, I couldn’t figure out how it was made, but the tutorial is excellent. You wrap glue-soaked twine around a jar and let it dry, then shape the “spring” into a pumpkin.

I also like these Thread Pumpkins from Instructables. Contributor Ukeogh provides very good instructions for making the delicate pumpkins using thread and balloons.

This pumpkin from Craft Berry Bush was made with chicken wire. Although instructions aren’t given, it appears that the chicken wire was shaped around a pumpkin then embellished with twine.

These little gourds and pumpkins from Two Shades of Pink are covered with yarn. You could use plastic or styrofoam gourds if you wanted them to last more than one season. There are so many specialty yarns available that would look great.

Shabby Lane Shops provides a nice DIY for these Vintage Inspired Pantyhose Pumpkins. You read that right – pantyhose! Pick a fancy sheer black pair with a decorative weave. Add some vintage jewelry, ribbon, lace – anything you have handy – and you’ll have yourself a classy pumpkin.

For the book lover in your life, why not make a pumpkin from a recycled book like this one from Crafting Mom? They’re not difficult to make if you have a sharp Exacto knife. They’d make a great teacher gift.

Courtney from A Diamond In The Stuff used dryer vents to make her pumpkins! She spray painted the dryer vents and added a stick and moss for the stem. The ribs of the dryer vent looks like the ridges on a pumpkin!

Kelly from My Soulful Home made pumpkins out of scrubbing pads. I love how the wire is wrapped to make curly vines. These would look great on the windowsill in your kitchen (and also make great hostess gifts.)

The Country Cook made her pumpkins from Mason jar lids. I have a whole bunch of rusty Mason jar lids that I don’t use anymore, but I can’t seem to throw out. Now I know what to do with them. Spray paint them orange and make pumpkins. I love the cinnamon sticks in the center.

Remember making pom poms when you were a kid? Just use orange yarn this time and you’ve got yourself an adorable little pumpkin. Domestifluff shows you how.

Last, but certainly not least, this toilet paper roll pumpkin would look great in any bathroom. Montserrat from Cranial Hiccups used fabric and a brown paper bag to make hers. She also cut leaves from fabric, but you could substitute leaves from an artificial garland instead. This project is so easy, even the kids could make them. You can buy fat quarters of fabric for under $2 at any fabric store. Just think of all the stylish orange prints you could use.

Pumpkins are the quintessential autumn decoration. Now you have a dozen different tutorials to make your own. Whether you prefer whimsical, rustic, or vintage decor, one of these crafty pumpkin tutorials will surely fit your decorating bill.