Here are several do-it-yourself napkin holders that just about anyone can make – even kids. There are a multitude of materials used including corks, popsicle sticks, clothespins, LEGOs, ceramic tile, and quilted fabric, just to name a few. With so many options, it’s easy to customize your napkin holder to your kitchen decor. Check out all these great ideas for making your own napkin holders.

Do you throw away your wine bottle corks? Not me. I have a big bag full of them and I think this upcycled cork napkin holder from Decozilla may be my next craft project.

I always enjoyed crafting with popsicle sticks when I was a kid. Those were the days that you actually had to save the sticks after you ate the popsicle. You had to wash the sticky stuff off of them and keep collecting until you had enough to make something. Now you can buy whole boxes of craft sticks very inexpensively – and you don’t have to wash them first! How Stuff Works shows you how to make this adorable kid-friendly craft and customize it to your kitchen colors.

The Cardboard Design Workshop provides instructions on how to make this wonderful hand-shaped napkin holder. Wouldn’t grandma love one of these from her favorite grandchild?

Do your kids have LEGOs? Mine did, and now that they’ve moved out of the house they belong to me. Maybe I’ll try my hand at making a LEGO napkin holder like this one from Wonderful Engineering. It would be fun picking out the colored blocks and building different designs.

I really like this napkin holder made out of clothespins from Kiki’s Web. The instructions are accompanied by good photographs and the whole project looks pretty easy to make.

This napkin holder from Vira Roque is made from a CD or DVD. It would make a great housewarming gift for folks who love music.

ViralNova shows many creative ways to recycle plastic bottles including this pretty napkin holder. They even show some cut into the shape of swans that I’d like to make in honor of the Mute Swans that live on our pond.

Here’s a lovely napkin holder made with ceramic tiles from Scrapbook, Crafts, and Cards. Elina explains how to use ink and alcohol to decorate the tiles then gives instructions on how to build the napkin holder.

Here’s a wood craft simple enough for kids, provided they have adult supervision, of course. This would be a great project for Cub Scouts or 4-H groups. Dan Harmon from Wilderness gives very good instructions for this wood napkin holder and explains how to get kids involved.

Sew Sane Jane adapted a gift box pattern from Sew Mama Sew to make this wonderful quilted napkin holder. Although the pattern was originally intended to make a gift box, it’s the perfect size for paper napkins. I love it!

No matter what kind of crafting you enjoy, one of these DIY napkin holders is sure to fill the bill. Not only are they fun to make, but they’re functional and attractive!