How to host a Vintage Inspired Tea Party

Feeling nostalgic?  Here’s a fun Mother’s Day idea that is sure to please all of the women in your life.

Have a tea party!

Set the Theme:  “Something Old”  Gather Your Antique or Vintage Accessories

1.  Vintage Suitcases – This was a good occasion to use the hardshell suitcases that belonged to my parents from the 1940’s but other eras would be fun too!

2.  Old Photos – We displayed old Victorian photos from my Grandmother and photos of her as a young girl.  These are commonly found at Vintage and Antique stores too.

3.  Old Hats, Gloves, Jewelry and Accessories – my collection includes hats and gloves  from my Mom and Grandmother.


Collect Sentimental Old Dishes, Vases, Tea Pots

For the pink table, we used my Mom’s Franciscan  Desert Rose dishes.


Set your Tables


Invite your favorite ladies over for an Afternoon Tea

1.  Ask them to wear a hat or set up a hat rack and let them choose one of yours.

2.  Ask them to bring a favorite tea or bottle of bubbly to share.

3.  Serve small easy to eat sandwiches, appetizers, cookies and bite-size desserts.

4.  Ask the photographer in your group to take photos.

Have fun catching up with each other while you have tea, (wine & bubbly)!


Small Bites – Serve a mix of Sweet and Savory Taste Treats

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Havana Faux Burlap Tablecloth and Lace Overlay

Havana Faux Burlap Tablecloth and Lace Overlay

For more ideas, consider lace

Need to Liven up your day? How about Ivory Twinkle and a cup of tea!

How about Ivory Twinkle and a cup of tea!