Wondering which size table runner to order for your table?

Table Runner Dimensions

Before purchasing a Burlap table runner (or any other runner) for your dining table, you will need to determine which size to order. Table runners are not “one size fits all”. Table runners will fit your dining table differently depending on whether you are using your table leaf or not so you may need two different sized table runners.

Some people prefer to use table runners as decoration when the table is not being used while others enjoy using table runners with either place mats or table linens during dinner parties. Table runners can be used with or without a table cloth underneath, depending on the style and formality of the event.


Shown here is the Premier Table Linens Natural Jute Burlap Table Runner!


How to Measure for a Table Runner


To measure the length, extend the measuring tape across the longest length of the table. Note the measurement then repeat the process for the table width.  It is recommended to add 12 to 24 inches to the length measurement to allow for additional length at each end of the table for the table runner cloth to drop over the edges.

For a 6″ drop at each end, add 12″ to the length of the table and for a 12″ drop at each end, add 24″ to the length of the table.  Table runner dimensions are approximate, so feel free to adjust the dimensions to suit your needs.




Using Table Runners

Shown below is the Havana Faux Burlap Table Runner and Table Linens by Premier Table Linens.



The width of a table runner generally looks best when it is approximately one-third of the width of the table. Center the table runner on the table with equal amounts of table or linens showing on each side.  If your dining table is 48 inches wide, the table runner should be approximately 16 inches wide. If you plan on keeping the table runner on the table while dining, make sure there is plenty of room for a dinner plate without it looking crowded.


Optional Design

Another idea is to lay multiple table runners across the table rather than lengthwise, and their purpose becomes twofold: They add detail to the table and also serve as place mats.  You might use two table runners on a table seating 4 to 6 or 3 table runners for a table seating 8 to 10.   The table runners are placed across the width of a dining table. The widths of these runners should be narrower than the one used for the length of the table.  A good rule of thumb would be one-fourth the width of the table. The lengths of the table runners should be 12 inches longer than the width of the table, so the edges will have a six-inch drop. This look works well on longer tables. In this case, table runners should be approximately 2 feet apart to give enough room for place settings.


Depending on the length of the dining table, you could use two or three table runners across the width of the table this way and the table runners will do double duty as placemats!


Hope this helps you decide which size table runners to order.  Next, we will look at different ways to dress and decorate your table runner so check back soon! Check out our Burlap Table runners on our Burlap Boutique store website. www.burlap-tablecloth.com 

You can watch a video with Ryan showing our different end finishes for the burlap table runners here on our YouTube channel. Burlap Table runner options explained.