1689857For the next 12 months, we are going to follow the trials and tribulations of the planning of…

A Canadian Wonderland Wedding (inspired by Alice in Wonderland)

Four years ago Amanda and Kyle had both been down on their luck in the dating world and both had said they were ready to give up for awhile as no-one had sparked any interest in either of them……. that is until the day they met, thanks to their common interests.  What was to be a short conversation took them late into the night and from that moment on they built a relationship based on respect for each other and exploring their mutual interests.

HERE IS THE WEDDING PROPOSAL DAY brought to you in the “HE SAID / SHE SAID” concept.  Enjoy!!

KYLE:  Engagement proposal day

The day that I got engaged was July 30,2016. Me and my girlfriend went to Hinton the day before to meet up with my parents so we didn’t have to drive up to Jasper super early on Saturday. I wasn’t feeling nervous or anxious. I was happy but didn’t feel the pressure of popping the big question.

We woke up the next day and had breakfast and went on our way to Jasper to set up our own camp site and begin our week of camping. We got to Whistler campground and started to set up our site. At this point I am starting to build up some anxiety and nervousness. I know that I’m only a few hours away from asking the biggest question of my life. Finally we are almost set up after about 40 minutes. We don’t have a pump for the air mattress so more stress gets added to my nerves.

After a quick stop in town to grab a proper air mattress, we finally make our way to Whistler Mountain to board the tram. My engagement plans were always to propose on the top of Whistler Mountain.

My girlfriend had an idea that today was the day because I never plan anything in advance and this trip had been planned since April. It was a fairly cold day but despite the poor weather, it was never going to affect how I felt about the following hour. We board the tram and go up the mountain.

As we are on our way to the mountain, I reach in my pocket and feel the ring box. I had a zipper pocket so I knew after zipping and unzipping it would catch my girlfriends attention. Once we finally got to the mountain we got off the tram and began our journey to the top of the mountain. Little did I know, the top is quite far away. We never make it to the top.

Every once in a while there would be a pathway that would go off of the path. I took my girlfriend on almost all of these separate paths. As I would unzip my pocket, my nerves and adrenaline would be going 1000 miles a minute. I looked at the view from the mountain and everything was beautiful. But I got nervous and we moved on.

After stopping three or four times and still being nervous, my girlfriend pointed out where we were in comparison to the top. It was at this moment it dawned on my that my plans to get engaged at the top were no longer a reality. It started to rain a little as well so we decided to head back down the mountain.

We went on another path off the main trail and we sat down to enjoy the view one more time. I unzipped my pocket again, what felt like the 20th time, and I just looked at the view and took everything in. I was on a mountain with my best friend, my girlfriend, the person I have confided in for 3 years and shared everything with. This was the moment. We sat there for about 5 minutes and my girlfriend probably thinking this was when I propose. It never felt awkward just sitting there but it felt like forever. Finally she asked if I was ready to leave and I stood up just long enough to go down to one knee and ask her to be my wife. Without skipping a beat she said YES!! We hugged and kissed and then made our way down the mountain.

In 3 years of dating, I have learnt to be stronger for her and because of her, I have more confidence and am a better person. She has made me learn to love life again and enjoy the little things. I will forever be thankful that 3 years ago she chose to date me and start a relationship that would eventually turn into a family. Our wedding date is August 19, 2017 and now we begin a hectic year of planning and preparing to begin our family. 12:29 PM


AMANDA:  I had a feeling that it was going to be the August long weekend. He booked us a spot in Jasper in April, and he NEVER plans anything that early. He also kept talking about climbing up to the top of Whistler mountain right off of the tram. I had a feeling it would be at the top if we could make it there. The closer we got to the weekend the less I thought it was actually going to happen. During our hike, he kept playing with the zipper of his jacket pocket. I figured he was nervous or worried he lost the ring. There would be quiet moments between us just standing and looking at the beautiful scenery that would be interrupted by the sound of a zipper. After the first few moments like this I started to doubt even more that this was the big day. Eventually, we decided that we weren’t making it to the very top of the mountain, so we started to take the path back down. He took us off a side path where there were no other people and another silent moment and zipper later he was down on one knee. He popped the question, and I said yes. After a couple of kisses and “I love yous” in a way that only he could, he said “Okay, let’s go now I’m freezing.” It was very him and I wouldn’t have it any other way.