This Banquet Table and Chair Setup Guide will help get your banquet off to a good start. How many people should be seated at each table? How much space should be left between tables so that guests won’t be banging chairs? What’s the most efficient use of floor space? What’s the minimum space between tables? No matter what size your event may be, this guide can help you with your table seating plan for maximum room efficiency and comfort.


In order for guests to have enough room to get in and out of their seats without banging into the people behind them, you need a minimum of 42″ between tables.

To accommodate a service aisle, you need to have a minimum of 60″.

If tables are set up on the diagonal, you need at least 24″ between corners just to accommodate your guests.

If you want people and servers to be able to circulate, the minimum allowance is 30″ for a narrow aisle.

When setting up tables, leave at least 36″ between a guest’s chair and the wall for a perimeter aisle although 42″ is preferred.

In California, state law requires a minimum of 54″! By the way, did you know that if space is limited, diagonal seating saves floor place?


Generally speaking, round tables are more efficient than rectangular or square tables. However, you may be locked in to a certain type of table simply due to the hall you’re using. Here are guidelines for people per table:


36″ Seats 4 People
42″ Seats 5 People
48″ Seats 5 People
54″ Seats 6 People
60″ Seats 8 People
72″ Seats 10 People


30″ x 72″ Seats 6 People
30″ x 96″ Seats 8 People


In order to assure the comfort of your guests, keep these guidelines in mind when spacing chairs. Allow 24″ – 30″ from the center of one chair to the center of the next:

Allow 18″ from the edge of the table to the back of the chair:

Regardless of whether your event is formal or banquet style, this Banquet Table and Chair Setup Guide has more information on creating the ideal table setup. At Bright Settings, we can also help you choose the right size tablecloths for the tables you’re using. Call one of our knowledgeable salespeople at 800.327.6025 or chat with us during regular business hours. Although we can’t physically set up the tables at your next event, we can certainly provide you with the expertise you need to make your banquet space look and feel perfect.