Picnic season is finally here! Do you own a decent picnic table or is yours battered and broken? I’ve had several aluminum picnic tables for 10 years and they are as good as new. That’s because aluminum is the perfect material for outdoor picnic tables. It’s lightweight, but rugged, and it never rusts! It won’t dent, warp, crack or chip either. And I’ll never have to buy another picnic table because they’re backed by a lifetime warranty.

Bright Settings carries several aluminum picnic tables. They come in many sizes and ten gorgeous colors: Brite Red, Sunset Orange, Desert Tan, Verde Green, Emerald Green, Walnut, Marigold Yellow, Royal Blue, Salt/Pepper, and Silver.

Rectangular Aluminum Picnic Tables

This is the kind of picnic table we have at our house, and we love it. It’s surprisingly comfortable because it has contoured bench seats. I leave it outside without a care in the world. I can just spray it off when company is coming and it looks brand new. Rectangular picnic tables come in 6 or 8 foot lengths and come in 10 beautiful colors.

Square Aluminum Picnic Tables

These picnic tables are pretty cool. The table surface is 4′ x 4′ and the overall dimensions are 76-1/2″ square. They also come in 10 gorgeous colors.

Folding Aluminum Picnic Tables

Do you need to store your picnic table in the off-season? If so, consider our folding aluminum picnic tables. They fold down nearly flat and are lightweight for storing.

Children’s Aluminum Picnic Tables

Bright Settings offers three different aluminum picnic tables especially for kids. We have 4′ and 6′ rectangular tables as well as a 6′ folding tables. All three models can take just about anything your kids have up their sleeves!

Handicap Wheelchair Accessible Aluminum Picnic Tables

Our handicap wheelchair accessible picnic tables feature an 8′ table top on a 6′ frame with 6′ benches. This leaves room at the end of the table for a wheelchair.