Having a formal event and want to make sure your table is up to par? Our Table Setting Guide will help you set your table quickly and easily.

Using the guide, check off which courses you’ll be serving at your meal, and our waiter will draw up a diagram illustrating the proper tableware placements for you! Below, you’ll find a list of tips on setting your table.

Here are some of the basics:

  • Silverware should be placed about an inch from the edge of the table, or two inches if you’re using placemats.
  • Work from the outside in; so silverware on the outside of the setting is to be used at the beginning of the meal.
  • If you’re serving more than three or four courses, bring new silverware out after the original silverware has been used.
  • Forks should go on the left, spoons and knives on the right. Cutting edges should face the plate.
  • Coffee cup and saucer should be placed to the right of the knife and spoon.
  • The water glass goes above the knife.
  • Wine glasses go to the right of the water.
  • A butter knife goes across the bread plate.
  • If dessert fork and/or spoon are set on the table, they are to be placed above the plate so that the fork tines point right and the spoon points left. (See the diagram for clarification.)
  • Both salad forks and dessert forks have short tines, and the dinner fork has long tines.

Your table settings will vary each time you set your table, based on what you’re serving. At first glance, that huge stack of tableware might look quite daunting, but you have nothing to fear with our handy Table Setting Guide. Use it any time you’re in a pinch, and you’ll be sure to impress all of your guests!