My Alice in Wonderland Wedding is…

3 Months away and it’s starting to get exciting; even my Dad is starting to be.

The last 4 months Kyle and I have both been working non-stop. Not too much has happened on the wedding planning front as it is the in-between period of starting the planning and tying up loose ends.

In the past months however, we have booked our DJ, cake and florals and catering.

We also just finished our 6-week marriage prep course that is required by the Catholic Church to be married in it.

All the boys have been fitted for suits, and our adorable flower girls have their beautiful dresses! (seen in picture)

Not too much left to do now! Only transportation and the rings! It’s coming so quickly and I cannot wait!

I will report back next month with our color schemes and how Premier Table Linens is making sure I get the Wedding of my dreams