Decorating trends come and go, but few go the distance and become timeless classics. Setting a table with burlap table linens and burlap table runners however, is a look that is here to stay. In the same way an Olympic underdog who isn’t on anyone’s radar screen but wins big instantly captures fans’ hearts, seeing burlap on a dinner table always delights. It’s the surprise factor. Who knew a fabric as humble as burlap could look so amazing?

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From casually rustic barn wedding receptions to urban fundraising dinners, the “wow” factor of burlap is turning up everywhere these days. It’s the go to textile for everyone from brides, wedding professionals, interior designers to do-it-yourself party planners.

A burlap runner looks at home on a farmstead kitchen island or atop an heirloom mahogany table under a vintage crystal chandelier. It is equally right whether you’re in flip flops and shorts munching on a burger or entertaining special friends by candlelight.

Burlap runners add a hint of natural color, an organic texture, and a warm welcoming feel to a room. And it takes only a split second to put a burlap runner on a table, desk, credenza or podium.


Part of what makes the Summer Olympics so exciting is the sheer number of sports featured. What if, instead of beach volleyball, soccer and gymnastics, the only competition in which athletes competed was shot put?

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Variety is the spice of life whether in the Olympic or decorating in your home. At Premier Table Linens, however, runners are a special favorite — on the track and on the table.

* A burlap table runner placed along the center of a bare table looks fine, but to outdo the competition consider adding a runner on top of a linen cloth.  Pair natural colored burlap with browns, tans, copper, burgundy or orange under cloths for an earthy effect. Cream white burlap runners look sensational with pastels and brights. Pale burlap runners also look crisp and sharp topping a natural burlap tablecloth.

* Lay two table runners along opposite long seating edges (leaving the center of the under cloth exposed.) This arrangement beautifully spotlights your place settings and china.

* Cross two matching or contrasting runners to create a lively dynamic. On a large round table, crossed runners can be used to fashion “private” areas with two “seating’s” in each area between the runners.

*Arrange three or five shorter burlap runners across the width of the table. Pointed edge runners are especially eye-catching in this formation.

Premier Table Linens’ burlap runners are available in 13″ or 18″ widths with square, pointed or fringed ends.


Ask any athlete what it takes to set a world record and they’ll probably tell you that years of training, perseverance and accurate measurements are equally important.

In choosing a table runner, careful measurement is key. To decide how long a runner to order to be placed on a bare table, add 10 to 14 inches to the length of the table. That gives you 5 to 7 inches of burlap to hang past the edge of the table at each end.

When I want a runner that is shorter than the table, however, I subtract 8 to 12 inches from the length of the table. This way the runner stops 4 to 6 inches short of the edge.

When using a runner on top of a tablecloth, the edges or the point of the runner should meet the edge of the tablecloth or end an inch or two above.


Sometimes an athlete needs a little something extra to become a champion. Here are a few extras that can turn an ordinary table runner into a knockout.

Fringe: Fringe burlap linens and burlap table runners with fringe look terrific paired with a base cloth, as the color below shows through. Also beautiful on a wooden table giving even more of a rustic and chic look. The fringing is done by hand and  cost only $3 more than straight or pointed edge burlap table runners.  As one customer that recently left feedback on their burlap with fringe they received said, “the fringe is worth ten times the price in gold”.

Monograms: Purchase an inexpensive alphabet stencil, fabric paint and a stencil brush and you’re in business. Depending on your preference, you can either add your initials along the center of the runner or add them at opposite ends of the burlap.  Or, for a kitchen table runner, spell out ‘Mom”, “Dad”, “Junior” and “Janet” at the places where your family usually sits.

Appliques: Prefer a scissors to a paintbrush? Personalize your runner with letters cut from fabric. Get in touch with your inner artist by adding appliques of vegetables, the outlines of plates and platters, flowers, or silhouettes.

Holiday Help: Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plan an all-natural dinner theme featuring burlap runners, pine cones, twigs and other decorations plucked from the garden. And, don’t forget, burlap runners touched with sparkling glitter and embellished with seasonal sentiments — “Peace”, “Joy” or “Happy Holidays” — make great gifts.

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For more ideas, visit Studio5 to see blogger Kami Watson’s super simple ideas for stunning burlap add ons.


The Olympics are the ultimate expression of athletic excellence. Now that the 2012 games are over, it’s time to create the ultimate design elegance in your home.

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