Here comes Peter Cottontail . . . hopping right onto your Easter table. Here are nine bunny folds for napkins, hankies and washcloths that will delight kids and adults alike. They’re quick, easy and well-worth the little extra effort needed to make your Easter holiday even more special.

This bunny is “cute as a button.” Stephanie from the wonderful Bonkers About Buttons blog suggests spray starching your napkins for easier folding. The whiskers and nose are held on with a safety pin so there’s no sewing involved.

This Funny Bunny is what the previous napkin fold looks like without the added button nose and whiskers. The very well written instructions are from She Knows blog.

Meet Zeke, an adorable bunny that can be made with paper or fabric napkins. This blog post from Tortelina is written in Croatian, but don’t worry if your browser doesn’t have an automatic translator. Just follow the photo steps to create this sweet Easter decoration.

This egg-holder folded napkin is from Made In Kitchen blog. It’s written in Italian, but once again, all you have to do is look at the photos and in 4 easy steps, you’re done. Wouldn’t it be fun to have the kids draw a face on the Easter egg?

I love this bunny napkin from the Fold Napkins website. Just think of all the different Easter treats you could put in the opening . . . jelly beans, malted chocolate eggs, even a plastic egg with a toy hidden inside.

This vintage hankie bunny is from the Resurrection Fern blog. If you don’t have any of your mom’s hankies, you could use napkins or washcloths. You could put an egg (either hard-boiled or chocolate;-) in the crevice.

What kid wouldn’t want to wash his face after Easter dinner with this adorable face washer bunny from A Spoonful Of Sugar Designs? The eyes and nose are optional, especially if you’re planning on taking it apart and using it right away.

This boo boo bunny from Soap Dish is great any time of year. Keep it in your freezer and bring it out when somebody you love gets a boo boo. All you need is a washcloth and a rubber band to turn tears into smiles.

Want to keep the kids entertained while waiting for your meal to be served? Rocket News 24 shows you how to turn a dish towel into a sweet bunny with instructions including wonderful photographs.

I hope you try a couple of these bunny folds. I often have my dinner guests fold their own napkins when they sit down to the table right before dinner is served. It’s instructional, entertaining and a great ice-breaker. Plus, it makes your dinner guests know that “some bunny” loves them.