Don’t let anyone tell you there is no “standard” size 6 foot trade show table. It is 30” wide x 72” length x 29” in height.

There  are “classroom style” 6 foot tables and these are 18” wide instead of 30” wide. Lastly there are a few 6 foot table brands that are only 24” wide such as the Iceberg and National Public brand.

Some tables are adjustable to 36” or 42” or customers purchase table leg extenders to raise their tables to 36” or 42” inches at trade shows so the display on the table is more visible to the attendees.

Many exhibitors like owning their table and not have to worry about what size table will be at the next event they attend. Premier Table Linens offers lightweight, fold in half plastic 6 foot tables that are commercial grade to take to your events and not to have to worry about what table sizes the venue provides. 

Promotional Table Cover Styles For Trade Shows And Promotional Events

There are three styles available:

A Spandex table cover which is a very modern, fresh look that stretches then fits snugly on the table by simply placing the table legs in the leg pockets of the cover. In addition to the custom printed Spandex table covers being very stylish and providing the eye-catching appeal, another great advantage is they are wrinkle-free. The stretch covers are available in 4- sided and 3-sided options. The 3-sided features an open back to have a staff member seated at the display table or 4-sided with a zipper for easy access to storage under the table. Our zippers, like the leg pockets, are reinforced to made the product durable.

Tablecloths in the printed tablecloth industry are known as promotional table throws. They are also referred to as custom printed table drapes.

For the standard 30” x 72” x 29” table, the table throw size is 90” x 132”.
For the “classroom” table 18” x 72” x 29” the table drape size is 76” x 132”.
A 24” x 72” x 29” table uses a 82” x 132” table throw.
With 36” riser the standard 6’ throw is 102” x 144”
18” x 72” x 36’ = 90” x 144”.
24” x 72” x 36” = 108” x 144”.

With 42 risers
30” x 72” x 42” = 114” x 156”.
18” x 72” x 42” = 102” x 156”.
24” x 72” x 42” = 108” x 156”.

The third style available for a branded table cover is a fitted tablecloth (also known as a fitted table cover).

Box style tablecloth and pleated tablecloth.

Box style fitted tablecloth.                                                                                                             Fitted tablecloth with pleated corners.

Promotional custom fitted table covers are fitted for a table size. It is all one piece of Polyester fabric with the top and sides sewn together. We offer the most options in the industry to meet your style and use requirements. Choose the traditional pleated corner option or the stylish non-pleated box style version.

We have 4-sided or open back options for staff member to be seated at the promotional table booth. We also have 4-sided with overlap back slit for easy access under the table for storage.

Advantages and disadvantages of a fitted vs. a throw

In my opinion, as a former trade show promoter for 11 years, a fitted cloth looks more elegant and professional than a throw.  If the event is outdoors, you’ll never have to worry about wind blowing your cover around. The paneled design always keeps your branded tablecloth right in place. The disadvantage is that a fitted will only fit the table size it is designed for. With a throw you have the flexibility advantage of using one throw for various tables. In a pinch, a 6 foot throw can be used on an 8 foot table, it will just be short on the ends.

For consumers that go to events where table sizes vary from 6’ to 8’ or from 6’ to 4’, we recommend reading our next post on convertible table covers.