Shown is a picture of a 4 foot table with dimensions.

4’ Tables are available 24” or 30” wide. The standard height is 29”. There are also 4’ tables counter height at 36” and 42” height 4’ tables which are called demonstration or demo tables. Trade show exhibitors often purchase table leg extenders to raise their tables to 36” or 42” inches to increase visibility and sales.

Many exhibitors like owning their table and not have to worry about what size table will be at the next event they attend. Premier Table Linens offers commercial grade 4’ tables with carry handle as well as leg risers.

If ordering a fitted table cover, it is ordered by the width x length x height. For example 24” x 48” x 29”.

If wanting to purchase a table throw instead of a fitted cover, the logo tablecloths are ordered by the actual cloth size. I have listed them all below;

For a 4’ table 24” wide and 29” standard height, the tablecloth size is 84” x 108”
30” Wide x 48” x 29” = 90” x 108”
24” Wide x 48” x 36” = 96” x 120”
30” Wide x 48” x 36” = 102” x 120”
24”Wide x 48” x 42” = 108” x 132”
30” Wide x 48” x 42” = 114” x 132”

Promotional Table Cover Styles For Trade Shows And Promotional Events and Demo Tables



Box style tablecloth and pleated tablecloth.

Fitted non pleated                                                                                                                          Fitted pleated corners

Spandex Tablecloths

Table throw                                                                                                                Spandex table cover

A Spandex table cover is a very modern, fresh look that stretches then form fits on the table by simply placing the table legs in the leg pockets of the cover. In addition to the custom-printed Spandex table covers being very stylish and providing the standout look, another great advantage is they are wrinkle-free. The stretch covers are available 4- sided, 3-sided open back to have a staff member seated at the display table or 4-sided with a zipper for easy access to storage under the table. Our zippers, like the leg pockets, are reinforced to made them extremely durable. We offer exhibitors-only printing in 1 color the economy 4’ front panel printed Spandex table cover for $159.99. The full color all over print Spandex table cover is on sale at half price for $181.

In the standard trade show Polyester there is the economy single color front panel print throw or fitted for $119.99 and the front panel full-color print throw or fitted for $146. For exhibitors that are going to be serving samples or drinks on the table, we offer the Liquid Repellent 4’ table cover or fitted with full-color front panel print for $159.99. If printing on the entire 4-foot table cover, the cost for the standard 24” x 48” x 29” table throw or fitted is $212.

Remember your measurements when ordering your printed promotional tablecloths. If you are not sure what size you need or do not see the size needed listed, call (800) 937-1159 or email us. We can print your branded table cover with any options needed in any size including custom sizes.