September is one of the peak months for births in the United States. But the spring months aren’t that far behind. With all those new little ones about to make their big debuts it’s time to get those baby showers planned! So get your table set with something fun from our Baby Shower Table Linen Collection and let the games begin. Here are ten fun {and simple} baby shower games to keep the party going!

In the Diaper Bag

This baby shower game is a play on the children’s classic “I’m going on a picnic.” To start the play the first player says “In the diaper bag I have…” and names an item. The next player repeats what the first player said and adds and additional item. The game continues going with each player repeating what was said previously and adding an additional item until only one player remains that can list all the items (and in the correct order!)

Dirty Diapers

This is one of the funniest baby shower games I’ve encountered. Just before the shower the hostess melts and/or squishes a variety of candy bars into baby diapers. Guests have to inspect the “dirty” diapers and try to guess what the candy was!

Guess the Baby Food

Remove the labels from 12 jars of baby food and label with numbers. Have guests sniff, examine, and even taste test to see if they can identify what each jar contains!

Price is Right

Make a list of common baby supplies and price them at a local store before the party. Then give each guest a printed list of the items and have them guess the cost-the person with the closest guesses wins!

Baby Picture Matching

Ask guests to bring a baby picture of themselves to the party. Arrange the pictures on a memo board and number them and have guests try to match the person with their picture!

Bottle Chugging

This baby shower game is especially fun for co-ed baby showers! Have guests put the beverage of their choice in baby bottles then have a race to see who can finish their bottle first-drinking through the nipple! This one always ends in laughter!

Pacifier Spitting

Give each guest a pacifier and have them line up together. Guests spit the pacifier as far forward as possible and the person who spits theirs the farthest wins!

Belly Balloons

Blow up many small balloons to prepare for this game. At the start guests try to fit as many balloons under their shirt as possible (to mimic the mother-to-be’s belly) and the person with the most balloons wins.

Multitasking Challenge

Arrange a clothesline and have available a basket of baby clothes, clothespins, telephone, and doll. Guests take turns holding the phone, the doll, and trying to hang as many baby clothes on the clothesline as possible in one minute. The guest who hangs the most without dropping the phone or doll wins.

Baby Changing Relay

Group guests into teams of 5-6. Prepare one doll per team with a diaper, baby outfit, and swaddled. The guest must then relay race to unwrap, undress, remove diaper, re-diaper, redress, and re-swaddle the doll. The team that finishes first wins.

If you’re looking for even more great games, check out Top 50 Best Baby Shower Games over at AuthorityBaby—there’s lots more ideas there that will keep your party going strong.

Any of these baby shower games would be a fun addition to the celebration for the expectant mommy! Do you have a favorite baby shower game? Leave it in the comments!

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