Washable Laminate Tablecloths are quite possibly the most practical tablecloths on the market. Not only are they pretty, they’re incredibly durable. Bright Settings’ laminated tablecloths are fun, functional, and fashionable!

Laminated tablecloth fabric is made from soft and sturdy polyester that has a pliable plastic coating on one side. The coating protects the table surface while still allowing for the natural drapability of fabric. The coating is pliable, not stiff, so you can still feel the softness of the fabric.

Clean up is a breeze with washable laminates. Just wipe clean with a non-bleach cleaner or throw it in the washing machine. Wash in cool water and dry on low. And because they’re naturally stain resistant, laminated tablecloths are the perfect choice for outdoor dining. They work and look great on patios and picnic tables.

Bright Settings carries Solid Color Washable Laminates in White, Ivory, Burgundy, Hunter, and Navy. We even carry Red Polycheck Washable Laminate. Talk about the perfect picnic table covering!

Washable Laminate Tablecloths Available at Bright Settings

You may be thinking that washable laminates are the same as vinyl tablecloths. Though they have similar properties, they have their differences too. Washable Laminates have a fabric base with a plastic coating on top. Vinyl tablecloths are made from synthetic PVC material all the way through. The vinyl comes in different thicknesses, or gauges. Bright Settings carries vinyl tablecloths in several gauges including 3 gauge, 6 gauge, 10 gauge, and even 13 gauge for commercial use. Here is an infographic we came up with to show the differences between the various vinyl gauges:

If you’d like to actually feel the difference between vinyl and laminated fabric yourself, take advantage of Bright Settings’ fabric sample program. We’ll send you swatches of any of our tablecloth fabrics in the mail. Then you can compare for yourself the differences in fabrics, textures, patterns, and, of course, colors! Our Fabric Sample Program allows you to order many fabric swatches for only $1.99 to cover the shipping.

To find out more about Washable Laminate and Vinyl tablecloths or our Fabric Sample Program, give us a call at 800-327-6025 during regular business hours or email us anytime. Our knowledgeable customer service reps know all about table coverings and can help you with fabric choices, tablecloth sizes, or any other tablecloth-related questions you may have. At Bright Settings, we have you covered – in practical and pretty laminated tablecloths!