Holiday Table Runner Decorating Ideas

How would you like to make the transition from Thanksgiving decorating to Christmas decorating as easy as possible, using many of the same design elements?

The first step is to choose table linens and table runners that can do double duty for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Here we have chosen a versatile solid table linen color to mix with natural jute and patterned damask table runners that can work for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

In this first photo, we have a twist on decorating with a table skirt. Traditionally, the table topper is placed directly on the table first, then table clips are attached, and the skirting is attached last. It results in a tailored look that shows off the top of the tableskirt but the clips show on the table.

Here I wanted to show how to create a softer layered look with the table topper used as an overlay on top to hide the table clips and to focus the attention on the table runner and decor instead of the tableskirt  I personally like this design option for creating an unstructured, elegant and relaxed feeling.

The Miranda Damask Table Runner

To create this Fall table, I started with a Duchess Wheat Tablecloth and Tableskirt then added a Natural Jute Burlap Table Runner in the 18″ width with square ends.  Next, I added the Miranda Bordeaux Table Runner in the 13″ width, with square ends.  I love the way the merrow sewn edge on the table runner looks on top of the burlap table runner because it looks like one beautiful table tablerunner with bordeaux colored piping.  By using the wider natural jute table runner on the bottom, and choosing a narrow runner on top, it allows for a variety of possible table runner decorating combinations.


Holiday Decorating – Transitioning from one holiday to the next

Decorating made easy begins with working with what you have and adding elements such as the pumpkins and pepperberries in this case.  The napkins can be folded or rolled in a number of ways and be used as decor too.  These napkins were ordered with a rolled hem stitch for a beautiful finished look that I particulary love.






The Natural Jute Table Runner

Here is the same Natural Jute Table Runner shown below with the Fall centerpiece this time on a Miranda Sienna Tablecloth with matching Miranda Sienna Napkins and a Kenya Sienna Table skirt This is the color combination I ended up using for Thanksgiving and the colors complimented all of the foods on the table.


Thanksgiving Tables featuring Miranda Damask & Burlap Table Runners


The Havana Faux Burlap Table Runner

This is a Havana Faux Burlap table runner over a Miranda Chocolate tablecloth and the color inspiration for decorating came from the yellow leaves on the Ginko tree in the background.  To compliment that and stay in the Fall Thanksgiving theme, I chose yellow tulips, rust mums and the golden leaf dish for nuts.  This table was set up just incase we had extra guests on Thanksgiving at the last minute or for guests to gather with a glass of wine before dinner.


Getting Ready for the Christmas Holiday

Time to get out the Christmas decorations and spruce up the table centerpiece so it’s out with the pumpkins and in with the ornnaments!   Here is the Miranda Bordeaux Full length Tablecloth with rounded corners for a more formal dressed up look.  I topped it with the 18″ Natural Jute Table Runner and the 13″ Miranda Bordeaux Table Runner.



Next, I replaced all of the pumpkins with Silver tone Mercury glass ornaments and brought out some assorted glass Christmas trees that will be moved to other bistro and cocktail tables once they are set up for the Christmas Eve Party.


Table Runners can also be used on consoles, buffet bars, tables and coffee tables too!  They are great not only to decorate with but also to protect the table from heat, moisture, and spills while allowing the table still show at the same time.


My next article will go into the history of table runners and how they came to be.  Check back soon. Wishing everyone the happiest holiday season!