Vintage Chevron. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Chevrons have a modern sensibility. They’re not usually associated with vintage. But when you print chevrons on faux burlap, that’s exactly what you get – modern Vintage Chevron tablecloths that looks fabulous in all kinds of settings!

Now, I’m not going to get into the whole semantics controversy – is this pattern a chevron or a zigzag? Whatever you call it, it’s really cool. The texture of the burlap gives the chevrons a painted look. Wouldn’t these tablecloths look great at a farm-themed party? Or on picnic tables at a rustic wedding? Just imagine the possibilities! Especially since you get to pick any color you want!

That’s right, this is one of Bright Settings’ custom prints. That means you can choose virtually any color under the sun. This is especially nice when you have a hard-to-match color in your kitchen decor. Or when you want the perfect complement for your wedding colors. Here are three examples that you might enjoy: Denim, Mocha, and Rust.

Vintage Chevron Tablecloths – Denim

Vintage Chevron Tablecloths – Mocha

Vintage Chevron Tablecloths – Rust

Faux burlap is a great fabric for tablecloths. It’s simultaneously smooth and textured. It’s easy care, unlike real burlap fabric that can shrink and distort. Bright Settings’ Faux Burlap tablecloths have the look of burlap with the durability of polyester. Just throw these tablecloths into a cool washer then dry on low heat. That goes for Vintage Chevron tablecloths, too, because the chevrons are printed on our faux burlap fabric.

If you’re not sure what size tablecloth to order, you’re in luck. We have an easy-to-use Tablecloth Calculator at your disposal. Just enter the length and width of your table and decide on the drop you want. Press a button and, voilà, out pops the dimensions you need. You can also give one of our customer service reps a call during regular business hours and let them help you. Not only do they know all about sizing, they’re experts when it comes to fabric and color choices too. Call us toll free at 800-327-6025 Monday through Friday from 8 ’til 5 Eastern time. You won’t believe how knowledgeable and friendly our reps are.

Vintage Chevron tablecloths may be just the answer to the decorating question you’ve been asking yourself, “how do I combine traditional and contemporary schemes in one fell swoop?” Choose any colors you want and make this your very own, one-of-a-kind custom tablecloth. When it comes to decorating your table jus the way you want it, Bright Settings has you covered.