Are you wondering how to host the ultimate BBQ Garden Party this year but are short on ideas? Everyone loves a good barbecue, especially when it’s full of great food and with a fantastic atmosphere. In fact, three out of four American households own a barbecue which just goes to show you how much we love a BBQ party! The problem is that it can often be stressful for the person who’s hosting it. From organizing the cooking right through to the decoration of silverware displays, there seems to be so much you have to think about. To make sure you’ve got everything covered, read these BBQ essentials to make sure you and your guests enjoy the day to the fullest.

Plan, plan, plan

The secret to every good BBQ Garden Party is in the planning. Throwing an outdoorBBQ Garden Party means getting organized at least two weeks in advance to ensure everything is in order and the party will run smoothly. Writing out a guest list and invitations should be top of the list at this stage, closely followed by deciding on your shopping list. Even if you’re not having a themed party, you still need to consider what decorations and all those little extras you’ll need. People often overlook checks on equipment, so make sure your BBQ grill is in full working order way before the actual day.

On the BBQ

No one wants to be chained to the BBQ for the entire party, so it’s a good idea to arrange in advance for other people to step in and help when necessary. You should have already decided and bought all the food but make sure it is prepped, mixed and marinated the day before. The BBQ is the centerpiece of your party so make sure you’re well versed in barbecue and grilling safety tips in case of accidents in a crowded food queue or with children running around.

Set the tables

Entertaining for guests in your backyard means getting the layout right. You don’t want to be running back indoors every couple of minutes, so think about where the tables are going to be located and how accessible they are for everyone. Setting the tables is equally important. You can decorate them using tablecloths, flower arrangements, floating candles in glass vases, and you could also use the silverware creatively. Similarly, put some thought into how food and drinks are going to be presented and whether you will have a separate cocktail table for drinks.

Light up the garden

The decoration of your garden will set the ambiance for the rest of the party. You’ll need to decide on a theme or colors. Lighting is a key factor in enhancing the atmosphere whether you use lanterns, fairy lights, white paper pom-poms, or all three! Hang them around the decking, from trees and use stronger LED lights in the area where people need to see more clearly such as pathways, as well as food and drinks stations. If the weather isn’t particularly favorable, consider having an open fire pit, not only will it keep people warm but it will also add something special to the occasion. Just make sure you follow the correct fire pit safety precautions.

Once you’ve got everything up and running for your BBQ Garden Party, the only thing left to do is change into your outfit and prepare to greet your guests.