At Bright Settings, we sell two types of table padding to go underneath your tablecloth. You can browse the available options by clicking “Table Padding” under “Other” on the “Table Linen Sales” menu. We do not rent table padding.

1. Table Pad

Table Pad is a 100% polyester fabric that looks and feels like a sturdy felt. The table pad is designed to help protect your table top as well as keep your tablecloth in place. The table pad is absorbent and washable to protect your table from spills. Table Pads come in a variety of sizes in square or rectangle shapes. If the size you’d like isn’t listed on the table pad product page, you can call a member of our sales team for custom size table pad pricing. In addition to various sizes of square and rectangular table pads, we also sell Table Pad by the yard.

2. Slip Knot

Slip Knot table padding is a thin rubber padding meant to keep your tablecloth in place. Slip Knot table padding is sold in 33 yard rolls. Unlike the Table Pad, Slip Knot table padding is not machine washable. It can be wiped down with soap and water to clean after use.

Table padding is generally not intended to drape over the edge of the table, so keep that in mind when selecting a size. If you have questions about which option would work best for your purposes or if you need help measuring, contact our sales office and speak with a member of our sales team.