Imagine a woman friend lying on the beach wearing a bathing suit. Although she usually looks moderately attractive, today she looks absolutely gorgeous. What’s her beauty secret? Spandex!

Invented in 1959, the word is an anagram of the word “expands”. When first introduced this highly elastic synthetic fiber transformed the swimwear and fashion industry. Today, Spandex doesn’t just flatter women’s figures it makes tables and chairs look more beautiful, too.


Premier Table Linens Spandex tablecloths are custom
crafted to fit round, rectangular or serpentine tables
and are revolutionizing trade show displays, the
hospitality industry, and how do-it-yourself designers
decorate their homes. Spandex covers for folding
banquet chairs and table toppers are also available.

“Spandex makes inexpensive banquet tables or home
furniture look sleek and modern,” say Tony Cueto,
owner of Premier Table Linens. “Unlike some flimsy
fabrics that blend polyester with Spandex, our Spandex
has a touch of Nylon for durability. I’m very proud of
our American-made Spandex/Nylon products and I
think you will love them.”

Contour Fit Spandex Tablecloth

Each stretch-to-fit table or chair cover comes with
reinforced poly propoline sleeves. Simply insert the
table or chair legs into the sleeves and your furniture is
completely dressed with no fuss, no pins or clips and no
wrinkles. Spandex is a terrific choice for outdoor events
as the snugly fitted cloths stay precisely where you put
them and will not blow up or off in the wind.

Spandex fitted tablecloth

For an especially attention-grabbing display or décor
you can add a Spandex table topper in a complementary
contrasting color (it’s as quick and easy as slipping on
a shower cap!), use an under-table light for a dramatic
glow or add your own digitally-printed message or logo
to the front of the cloth (this service will be available

Illuminated spandex stretch table covers add that extra touch of interest

For an extra pop of color, you can add Premier’s
contrasting color chair bands. Available in 17 colors,
they slip on in a matter of seconds. Bands are a great
way to create a memorable color theme for your event
or change the look of your home on a whim. For extra
panache, bands can be embellished with tassels, fresh
or silk flowers, satin rosettes or anything else you can
dream up.

decorated spandex chair bands

When you mix and match Spandex cloths, toppers, chair
covers and bands the possibilities are truly limitless.

We have just uploaded 2 new Spandex Videos to YouTube view them here. Spandex Table Covers