I must confess. I had to google Portofino and Alhambra to find out where on earth they were located. I had a vague notion that they were in Europe or maybe the Mediterranean, but my geography was a little iffy. Now that I’ve found out more about these ancient cities, I can see where these two beautiful tablecloth fabrics got their names.

Portofino Tablecloths are inspired by the Italian city from whence they’re named. If you do a quick search for images of Portofino, you’re sure to see cathedrals built in the ubiquitous Gothic style famous during the Renaissance. You’ll recognize it’s characteristic pointed arches and ribbed vaulting, not unlike the geometric designs in Portofino table linens.

Portofino Tablecloth in Black and White

Our Portofino fabric is customizable using any two colors you like. You can match your dining room decor or match party colors. The color combination pictured above is the simple, yet elegant decorating staple, black and white. Just imagine the bold design of a Portofino tablecloth in your two favorite colors. The fabric is 100% polyester so it’ll last for years to come and wash up beautifully.

Alhambra is another one of our new custom tablecloths. This rich, bold design is reminiscent of the gorgeous architecture of The Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The Alhambra is a medieval castle known for its exquisitely detailed structures and ornate interior spaces. When it comes to decorating, who could ask for anything more?

Alhambra Tablecloth in Black and White

Alhambra is a custom print that can be made in any two colors. The color combinations shown here are just a sampling of the colors that can be put together. There’s classic black and red, modern charcoal and pink, subdued navy and royal blue, monotone rusts, and the always popular black and white. What color combination would go well in your kitchen?

Both Portofino and Alhambra tablecloths are fit for a king. If you are interested in either of these bold geometric designs, talk to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives to place your order. They can walk you through color choices and picking the right size and shape for your table. Call 800-327-6025 during business hours or email anytime. When it comes to custom prints that will impress your guests, Bright Settings has you covered.