This year for Halloween, my daughter decided she wanted to be the pretzel to her best friend’s M&M.

So I started with an old Basic Polyester Chocolate 72×120 tablecloth that our Rental department was going to throw away.

  1. Cut two strips of the chocolate fabric, 12″ wide and kept the 120″ length
  2. Using Heat N Bond “Hem”, fold the strips in half and fuse the ends to make two “tubes”. Fuse the two tubes together.
  3. Stuff the tubes with bubble wrap to keep it light weight, and twist the stuffed tubes into the shape of a pretzel.
  4. Place the twisted tubes over a large cardboard square and trace the pretzel shape.
  5. After the pretzel shape has been traced, cut the cardboard into the outline of the pretzel.
  6. Staple the pretzel shaped fabric tubes to the cardboard with a heavy duty stapler.
  7. After everything is attached, use a glue stick to stick the cotton balls to the fabric to appear as salt.
  8. Finally, loop a brown strap through the top of the pretzel so the the costume can hang around your neck.

For the eyes:

  1. Use some of the leftover cardboard to cut out the “eyes” in the shape of glasses.
  2. Glue chocolate polyester fabric to the cardboard glasses.
  3. Attach eyebrows made from black fabric (I used a Crushed Velour fabric sample.)

Don’t forget the white gloves!

Tada! It was really that easy.

We went to a costume party Saturday night. There were about a dozen kids in her age group, and she placed first overall!

Hehe. Who knows what she will have me do next year!