Yeehaw! It’s time for a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy hoedown, so mosey on down to the chuck wagon and strap on your feedbag. Or, if you need to cut the dirt, head on over to the watering hole and belly up to the bar. My apologies, partner. I don’t want you to pump me full of lead for using all this cowboy jargon, but I’m a happy cowpoke with lots of ideas for throwing a shindig with these Bandana Table Decorating Ideas.

Cowboy themed parties can be lots of fun for the young and old alike. Decorating with bandanas is the obvious choice. Here are a dozen clever ways to use bandanas. So, head ’em up and move ’em out while I introduce you to some paisley pleasure.

Jessica from Two Shades of Pink has several ideas for using bandanas. First, they can be used as Bandana Napkins. Here they are wrapped around silverware and tied with twine. Simple but effective.

Jessica admitted that she’s been a little obsessed with bandanas lately. Scroll down the page for many more ideas including the adorable Bandana Favor Wraps. She used red, white, and blue bandanas for a Fourth of July picnic.

Here’s another way to fold a bandana. Better Homes and Gardens has a video tutorial for how to fold a Pocket Napkin.

A Soft Place To Land uses a Mason jar to hold each guest’s utensils and bandana napkin. Then the Mason jar can be used as their drinking glass. Brilliant.

Here’s an adorable way to fold a napkin. It was created and pinned by Toni Roloff on her crafts board. Although she doesn’t inculde any instructions for tying the bow, I think it would be pretty easy to figure out how to tie utensils up in a Bandana Bow.

Bandanas don’t just come in red and blue. Look at the gorgeous colors of bandanas The Pioneer Woman uses as cloth napkins.

Planning a large shindig? Fold your napkins into simple squares and put them in a big wicker basket like the folks from Love, Logic, and Laughter.

And check out the Bandana Table Topper used for the cowboy boot centerpiece, also from Love, Logic, and Laughter. I never thought of using a cowboy boot as a vase, but I guess you’d just have to slip a glass jar inside before adding flowers (and water!)

Here’s another flowery centerpiece. Sara Montana Says to tie a bandana around a Mason Jar and add daisies.

Over at Martha Stewart Living, they sewed several bandanas together to make a Bandana Table Runner. Since the edges are already finished, there’s no hemming involved.

Here’s another unique table runner originally from This Tied Bandana Table Runner is made by tying bandanas at the corners with twine or ribbon. That sure wouldn’t take long!

This Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth is available from TurtlesRUs at Etsy. What a great way to cover a picnic table. Of course, if you’re a crafty seamstress, you could make your own.

I hope you’ll use some of these ideas at your next cowboy themed shindig. If you prefer bona fide napkins instead of cotton bandanas, check out the new Rodeo napkins from Bright Settings. They’re 100% polyester for easy clean up of those barbecued vittles. They’re thicker and heartier than cotton bandanas, but still give that great Western look. Rodeo fabric is also available in tablecloths of all sizes too. Want a free Rodeo fabric swatch? Check out Bright’s free fabric sample program online or call one or our customer service reps at 800-327-6025. Happy trails to you!