A question that we hear on a regular basis is “Can you please tell me the difference between natural burlap and the Havana Faux burlap?” This is a great question and one I would like to address for everyone right here in this quick post.



Natural Burlap or Jute Burlap as it also referred to, is a natural fiber originating from the Jute plant. Burlap is also known as Hessian (mainly in Europe). The Jute fibers are woven to create the material we know as Burlap. Bearing in mind this is a natural organic fiber it is not machine washable as this process of water and agitation will disintegrate the weave of the fiber and thus turn your tablecloth into literally a pile of jute, possibly causing you to spend a day cleaning your washing machine as well !!

For this reason as popular as Burlap has become it has this limitation if your looking for a tablecloth or runner that you can use and launder and use again. Thus we introduced the Havana Faux Burlap. (wiki for burlap)


Havana Faux is a 100% Polyester fabric, woven to have the appearance of Burlap fabric but it is 100% machine washable, thus giving you a fabric that has the look of the Burlap but the flexibility of being used and laundered over and over again.

To view our Burlap and Havana faux products please visit us at either of our websites. I hope this makes things a little clearer for everyone and if you have more questions please ask them here and we can discuss the two fabrics and the pro’s and cons of each.

Best wishes Ryan C.