So you’re looking to buy a printed tablecloth, having spent a good few years doing this we thought we would come up with a checklist of things to ask prior to making your purchasing decision.

We all know and understand the importance of branding in today’s marketplace, and custom printed linens are no exception in the branding of your company. Thus the decision on whom you get to undertake this for you should be very carefully considered. There are many companies to choose from in the market place today.

printed table cover logo proof

Example of a set up proof ready for print.

Purchasing a printed tablecloth seems to be a simple thing right? Well not so easy if you’re not doing this on a daily basis, also this fact finding mission is often passed onto someone in the office who is not familiar with tablecloths, graphic design or printing and that’s when confusion sets in with the decision process.

So here is our checklist of important questions to ask when choosing a company for your custom logo printed tablecloth / table cover or table runner.

  1. Talk with the company. Pick up the phone and call the company, or use their live chat service if they have one on their website. Ask your questions and gauge your responses, does this company instill confidence in your buying decision? Are they able to answer your questions? Premier is always on the end of the phone to answer your questions or address any changes in orders.
  2. Ask and look for details on any hidden fees, a sudden screen fee, or proof fee many companies offering printed table covers and table throws will add a fee at some point in the process that has not been previously mentioned. Premier Table Linens has no hidden fees EVER!
  3. Do not rely on the production time stated on a website call and ask exactly when your custom printed table cover will be in your hands. Call to confirm the date. Exercise caution if you do not get a confident date or the date extends outside of 2-10 days. Most companies with a production time longer than that could well be manufacturing outside of the USA and you could be subject to delays that are beyond anyone’s control. When ordering online make sure you know when your product is going to be in hand. Premier Table Linens offers 3 Day production on most of our printed table covers and printed table skirts and we also have introduced our new 48 Hour Rush Table Cover Printing service, and we will always give you an accurate in hand date after proof is approved.
  4. Does the company you are looking to work with have an in house graphic and print department, if so can you talk directly to the designer and print set up artist? Maybe you need a slight change in your art file, or a color change. When a change is needed then you have to be able to act on that change with a positive mind and comfort in the knowledge it has been carried out for you. Premier Table linens has in house design and print set up and we are all available on the phone or via e mail.
  5. You need your artwork converted to a print ready format. Sometimes you do not have a printable file. This will normally result in you having to either contact the graphic designer you had do the original work or to have another graphic designer re-draw it for you. Most companies offer this service for a fee, but make sure you ask what am I getting for that fee? At Premier Table Linens you will get the following for a flat fee of $29.95. We will re-draw your logo for you we will make any needed changes and additions for you. In addition to that we also will send you a completed zip file containing your logo in 7 different formats for future print application, all editable by any other designer for the future. We also keep all art on cloud file storage indefinitely.
  6. Proofing, how are you going to get your proof delivered to you? At Premier we set up an individual web page for each and every proof. The benefits of this are very simple, if all you need to do is send your colleagues a link via e mail you can all collaborate on the proof at the same time. Also you can approve or make changes on the webpage and have real-time action on your order.
  7. Do you need your products drop shipped to a client? Or Do you need a distribution list drop shipped to? Premier Table linens offers and accommodates multiple address drop shipping, blind shipping and also third party shipping on your UPS or FED EX account for corporate clients.

In closing this blog post, I wish everyone the very best when choosing your printed table cover manufacturer, apply our suggestions above when making your decision and remember we are here to help in any way we can.

Best wishes to all, and I am here waiting for your questions, please allow at least one business day for responses or you can e mail me directly at [email protected].