A few weeks ago we posted a collection of placemat hacks and thought we would some ideas for napkin hacks as well. You can make everything from pillows to totes to skirts and more all out of fabric napkins. Get your napkins ordered in your favorite patterns from Bright Settings for any of the ideas below.

Start simple by covering a pillow with a napkin or two. This idea is simple and can easily change the look of your room. You can actually do this with NO SEWING required! Click here to see the no sew napkin pillow tutorial from Just a Girl.

Next up is a fun tote that can be made with napkins. Pick a few of your favorite napkins and turn them into a tote bag for on the go. This idea is easy and inexpensive, so make as many as your heart desires. Click here to get the full instructions for making a napkin tote from Place of My Taste.

Napkins are sometimes such gorgeous patterns that you hate to get them dirty. Well, don’t! Frame them! Making napkin art is a great way to display them and keep them away from dirty mouths. See more about this framed napkin art from The Small Things by clicking here.

Don’t like the look of the frames above? Another option is to wrap the napkins around a canvas for art. They will look more like paintings if you choose this method of display. Get the full instructions for making your own version from Tonya Staab here.

Next up is a brilliant idea for a gift bag made from napkins. You could make tons of these for gifts or for your own personal use. Be sure to pick your favorite napkin patterns for this craft. Get the tutorial on how to make these napkin gift bags from Pretty Handy Girl here.

Who says napkins can’t be curtains? Yep curtains! Have a small kitchen window? Napkins could be your savior. See all of the details on these napkin curtains from Flower Patch Farm Girl.

Get creative and store your makeup brushes in a napkin. Sew in pockets for each brush, then roll it up for easy use on the go. Get the full instructions for making this make up brush roll from Momtastic by clicking here.

Maybe those napkins really make your heart pitter patter and you just want to wear them. Well, now you can! Make a skirt out of napkins with this great tutorial from Wray Sisters. This is the perfect idea for those napkin patterns that you love dearly.

Be sure to shop Bright Settings for tons of napkin patterns and colors. Then choose one of the napkin hacks above to put them to good use.