Checks are classic. Whether you’re talking gingham, plaid, tartan, or madras, checkered fabrics make a big impact in both clothing and home decor. Maybe it’s the combination of colors, the geometric simplicity, or the woven textures that have made checks a staple of style. Whatever the reason, we here at Bright Settings are happy to offer several check tablecloths. “Check” them out!

Polycheck Tablecloths

Polycheck is Bright Settings’ best-selling gingham checkerboard tablecloth. It is soft, yet very durable. (It is my personal favorite checked tablecloth!) It comes in seven bright colors that really brighten up a table.

Racing Check Tablecloths

Our black and white Racing Check signifies a winner when it comes to fun tablecloths. This resilient polyester table linen features bold 2″ checks that look great indoors and out!

Houndstooth Check Tablecloths

Houndstooth is a two-tone, broken check textile pattern, usually in black and white. Bright Settings’ Houndstooth tablecloths are made from durable polyester and easy to launder. The classic black and white design looks elegant in formal and informal settings.

Ashford Check Tablecloths

Ashford is a glorious fabric that has alternating rectangular checks of smooth and ridged fabrics. The texture differences make the tablecloth reflect light differently, giving movement and shimmer to your table. It comes in 9 unique colors.

Devon Check Tablecloths

Bright Settings’ Devon fabric features a raised plaid design that looks and feels wonderful. You’ll love the texture of this durable polyester fabric. The three color combinations we offer are perfect for country or rustic decor.
Click here to order fabric swatches of any of our check fabrics. You can get 5″ samples of whatever fabrics and colors you’re interested in for just a $1.99 shipping fee. For more information on our checks (or any of our awesome table linens) call 1-800-327-6025 during regular business hours. You can also Chat or Email with our knowledgeable sales staff. Got tablecloths? Check!